Knut – Rest in Peace

Today the news is that a polar bear named Knut he died in front of 600 visitors. He waded into the water in his enclosure before having a short spasm and then dying in front of hundreds of zoo visitors. The poor bear was usually harassed by other three female bears  in the exhibit in the Berlin Zoo

Little Knut was raised by Thomas Dörflein who took care of the baby polar bear when his mother rejected him.  Knut is 6 months old –   This video shows how we humans can save the planet if we want to, we just have to care.

Tragically Thomas Dörflein passed away in 2008, at the age of 44 from a heart attack. It is said that Knut would cry for Thomas every night in his enclosure.  I think Knut died of a broken heart. Rest in Peace little one. You are free at last.


Video of his last moments as recorded by a tourist.



  1. For Knut ,the loss of Thomas must be like the loss of his mother.It is a shame that there was nobody to take over the task of loving and caring for Knut ,like Thomas did.If he had 2 carers,maybe, Knut would have felt less grief stricken.

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