Posted by: Dolphinelle~Barbara Napoles | December 21, 2015

Activism Cannibalism! What is it?


CWs1TUbUAAAG3mw There is so much discord in the animal activist world. Yet no matter how many tools you give them to make a difference to help animals they ultimately lash out without direction because of their inability to deal with the deep grief, helplessness and anger brought on by an inability to find resolution for their feelings. Hence they lash out at others who are fighting for the very same cause. Therefore they chase their own tail or they verbally attack others.


Spending a week in Taiji was not easy. Yet I see many of my friends angry and lashing out to all of those that are standing there and reporting.  While I was there I was grateful that there were no Red coves and I would give anything right now to be there helping to document with my fellow activists.

My dear friend, Cove Monitor Tim Burns has devoted his time and Christmas Holiday to document dolphin capture and slaughter in the cove. A father with a wife and small children who need him. Tim and his family are making the ultimate sacrifice. There is nothing glamorous or in the “holiday spirit” documenting the capture and slaughter of dolphins in the cove. It is heartbreaking and takes a truly brave soul.

Its almost Christmas time. Yet he chooses to be in Taiji to document and bring out the images of the real Taiji. The murders that occur in Taiji.  My heart breaks for his family and daughter who is about 8 years old and needs the security of her father.

Yet some people have the audacity of calling them inefficient, selfie-takers and not doing anything to “really” help the dolphins. Many say.. ” I would be there in a heart beat and I would go and cut the nets and I would scale down into the water at night and  I would cut the nets free the dolphins! ”

Even if you cut the nets the dolphin pod mentality will not flee from the cove. On the contrary they will move further into the shoreline and the noise they make will alert those that are watching the cove, specially at night. They would not know how to escape out of the cove, they don’t leave a pod, family member behind. The police box is across the cove. police guard the cove day and night.



Someone is always watching you

Think again before you decide to do this. Not only would you be arrested but you would be thrown in jail in a New York nano-second.  Not have a lawyer see you for 6 months, (from the time of your arrest) but you also would destroy all the hard work of those that came before you if you did this. Whether you agree with this/that organization or not. You will be sleeping in a cold concrete floor, told when you can urinate, defecate, shower or even move. Never mind having visitor or getting an attorney to take your case. You can read all about being arrested in Taiji. here: Jailed dolphin activist ordered released but prosecutors disagree  and Arrested Sea Shepherd stands trial  



The Cove

Now I ask you before you force your views on others, if you feel that the “boots on the ground” need to do this to satisfy your inadequacy. Think again. Its very easy to watch this from the comfort of your home and spew vile comments that you think you can do better. Oh, by the way,


Welcome to Taiji

everyone that enters Taiji, specially between Sept. 1st – March 1st will be scrutinized and asked to come to the police box. Once you pass the dolphins you are in the town of Taiji. When you least expect it, they will stop your car  or come to your hotel room, a knock on the door. There are no “freedoms” as you would expect in other countries or your own country.


But just  what is “Activist cannibalism syndrome” you ask?.  Its a “term”  that  I use when  activists start to fight other activist.

1510911_10200127590709427_8917432536185076821_n (1)

Generally, this syndrome pops its head when there are dolphins in the cove. When dolphins are herded and slaughtered in the cove. People’s emotional mentality grows and it forces our inner most feeling to do something. Anything!

Symptoms: When in-fighting with other activist, those that feel emotions as the occurrences that happen any time there is an animal hurt injured. Also anger, impotence, sadness, crying, depression and fear.


Is it contagious? Yes its very contagious if you allow other to push your buttons and entice you into doing something that is against the law or to your own person or to hurt others.  Specially when in group mentality setting or mob mentality.

mob mentality

How is it transmitted? it is transmitted when you are in groups without an exact person to teach you or give you tools to do what is necessary to help an animal in need  or to give you direction for the feelings you are feeling.

“Every time people get together in a group, and there are some group characteristics that increase the likelihood of violence, such as group size and physical anonymity. First, many people believe they cannot be held responsible for violent behavior when part of a mob because they perceive the violent action as the group’s (e.g., “everyone was doing it”) rather than their own behavior. When in a large group, people tend to experience a diffusion of responsibility.”

It’s entirely up to each one of us to choose how to direct our mind, body and feelings towards the future. All the changes in our society begins with a small group of decisive individuals.

The question is never simply if you are following the crowd or not, it’s why. Be the change you want to be. The change you want to see in the world!

We can only do this by working together.




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