Posted by: Dolphinelle~Barbara Napoles | August 15, 2015

14 days to Taiji – For the Dolphins

15 days toward Taiji

15 days toward Taiji


Firstly, I want to thank those that  have made this trip possible, two major contributors and great friends my rocks and support team, for without their actions this would not have gotten off the ground Mila De Mier and Cynthia St. Clair also to those that contributed on the Crowdrise and bought the “dolphin bracelet”. Sincere thanks to all of these great people:

Pedro Hernández Laura Lopez Wendy Fedyna Szakacs Patrick Rooney Donna Sall Joan Huddleston Bob Heisler Sarah Del Vecchio For The Love of The Dolphins – FLOD Shannon Johnson Richards Lisa Cunningham & Cheryl Cunningham Beth & Jennifer Wolfsong Niel Atkinson Linda O’Brien Paul Valero Mark Walker Liz Carter Terran Vincent Baylor Sandra M Vazquez Sharon Jack & Steve Jack Dorothy Rodgers Sophie Zhang Thomas Ponce Robin Black Walder (Blackbird Jewelry) Fatima Filgueira-Vichot Kirsten Massebeau Jamie Keller. Geragi Jeff and Animal Activists Network – AACTN, Doreen Michele Dupont  Kristen Larson, Becky Pustelnik PockeyCindy SeipTheLois Lane Jane Garsson Jackie Burson.

Many of you have expressed your concerns and are very worried about my presence in Taiji, how much it will affect me. I want to thank you all for this lovely concern but I want to assure you all that I have seen many horrors in my life time and though this may hurt me. Im not going to let it.


I can separate myself from the horror. Not going to let it perturb my psyche. I will not let it affect me in a negative way. On the contrary it will give me the energy to continue fighting for the dolphins.

For the past 5 years I have been at the cove from my home. Watched the boats go out on a daily basis and come back in to port banging when they have a pod.  I recognize the sound as if I already have done this before. Having witness the herding, the selection, the blood in the water. The screams from the fisherman, the callings from the dolphins. It is said that its not the same until you have been there in person. I will also let you know about that.

This may sound crazy to some but I had a very vivid dream and I saw myself in Japan. I walked through the streets and visited a bath house and I saw with detail my room.


Seen myself walking on the pebbles of the cove. Wondering if my friend Susan’s ashes are still resting there  or has the current taken them out to sea, just as the current cleanse the cove.  While at the beach I will commune with my daughters as her ashes are in the ocean and we had said to each other this is how we would communicate. Will she be amazed that I am speaking to her from Taiji? She’d be proud of me, deep in my heart I know she put her little hand in this.

I’ll light a candle in my daughters name Holly Carter and in Susan Mabe’s name.

The blood baths will soon began and I pray to those higher beings to please keep the angels of the sea free and  safe out in the ocean and not to let the blood of dolphins run in the water in the cove.

My plane ticket has been purchased and all hotel reservations done. Nervously waiting for the  day to board the plane.  Nachi FallsPlease make sure you to follow my “adventure in Japan”.  Follow Dolphin Talk Radio where I will try to give you daily updates and time to call in. (if possible) Dolphin Talk Radio on Blog Talk Radio 

Thank you all once again for your kind donation in these hard economic times. It was your donation that has made this happen. Thank you for being a great friend, for believing in me and wanting to put me as “Boots on the ground” in Taiji.

From the bottom of my heart. Thank you again.

Your friend,




  1. Omg Barbara… something just shook me while reading your blog, i could feel the tears in your eyes of gratitude of going there. I’m just so happy for you!!!! Thank you so much for caring enough for being there for, going there is like you are going there for my pod, even if we already died, it just makes sure that our death wasn’t for nothing, and it calm us, to see compassion rising out from so many people donating. I am in tears.

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