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The Year 2014 – Rewind


Here we are again, saying good- bye to 2014, a year filled with great accomplishments. Our great team of administrators has once again grown and in 2015 we are hoping for another great year with our new team for 2015. This year we are very proud to say that we have a new administrator, a Japanese activist; Takayo Yamaguchi.

admin team of STBd a

Takayo Yamaguchi brings us great energy and willingness to help to bring the change needed in Japan. We look forward to a great year with our new team in place.

Let’s start to rewind and highlight some of our accomplishments:

January 2014

This year we opted for a global Tweet storm on Twitter &  Facebook  event of our yearly “Positive Change for Taiji” on Friday, January 10th at 8pm.


1544316_639985509395665_1155701303_n(1)572 Stormers tweeted from 34 countries, approximately 14,260 tweets in 24 hours. One thing for sure is that we are consistent! Our invitation went out to 5.2K people.

February 2014

In February 6, 2014,  we joined forces with Miami Against Dolphin Slaughter in a protest in front of the Consulate of Japan.

Lighting up the World

March 2014


WAZA became the favorite word of the month. JAZA became the word of the month. Two words very  symbiotically that live synonymous of each other. This event finally was coming to fruition at the end of this month. Our wonderful administrator Mila DeMier corresponded from Gland.

Mila Demier reporting from the WAZA event.

Mila Demier reporting from the WAZA event. (Photo by Coco Meyer)

Finally, on March 28, 2013 our great event in Gland, Switzerland occurred. Read all about it here:

Contrary to believe, Facebook did some major event changes and two weeks after the event, the event module disappeared, thankfully there were blogs written and many images of this great event.  Great moments in activism history are still engraved in the bowels of Google.

May 2014

#Emptythetanks protest at SeaWorld, Orlando, Florida

say no to the show

Dolphins should not be made to perform. These pictures tell a story. Abused and dressed up. There is no such thing in the wild.

me and marissa

Then May came around and we embarked on another great Tweet-storm:


July 2014

Dolphin Talk Radio was founded July 7, 2014.  Check our page for up coming shows on Wednesdays, Starting January 2015.

Click on the image for Dolphin Talk Radio

Click on the image for Dolphin Talk Radio


Yet another wonderful storm. Our petition to the Mirage continues to gather signatures. Keep signing if you have not: We will continue to reopen this petition and keep the pressure up. We want shading for the dolphins! End of story!

Thunderclap for Mojave Dolphins

Thunderclap for Mojave Dolphins

August 2014

August 29th JDD2014 in Miami, and awesome event.

September 2014

Mila DeMier  and I bringing awareness to the masses.

The southernmost protest for Dolphins on Sept. 1, 2014. JDD2014

 December 2014

On December 14th Miami Against Dolphin Slaughter and Save the Blood Dolphins wanted to put some rumors at rest. Lolita’s Concrete Prison was getting a face lift. The floor of the first front row of seating are subjected to salt & chlorinated water when Lolita is made to spray the audience with her flukes.

Save the Blood Dolphins at the MSQ protest in December.

Save the Blood Dolphins at the MSQ protest in December.

And there you have more or less what our year has been like. We look forward to a better year of bringing awareness. We set the bar higher each year.

Thank you for your continued support through the last 5 years.  We will continue to fight for cetacean freedom!  The best is yet to come!

Bring it!

Bring it!


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