Posted by: Dolphinelle~Barbara Napoles | October 4, 2014

You will never know

No one knows who I really am.
You may think you do.
You really don’t.
A mother, grandmother
an aunt and a lover.

I’m a blogger, a curator of stories
Of images which I love to hoard
and quotes are my passion.

A poet of poems.
Fighter for the weak, the meek
a voice for the voiceless.
Finding justice for the wronged.

You think you know me
but you don’t.

You only know what I want you to know
My innermost thoughts,
will never be divulged.

My innermost fears,
you will never hear
for these truth you’ll use against me.

My knowledge is my years
that I have lived here,
on this plain we call Earth.

Of the tears shed
for the loves lost.
You think you know me?

Ha! You really have no clue.
A sharp tongue I carry
as my weapon of choice.

You think you know me?
You will never know.
© Dolphinelle 2014


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