Posted by: Dolphinelle~Barbara Napoles | April 29, 2014

Surgeon General Warning!

Surgeon Generals WarningThe Surgeon General should put a warning sign on Facebook. WARNING! FACEBOOK MAY BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR LIFE!
1. Relations: Facebook can hurt, mend or break relationships. Lips sinks ships.
2. Blood pressure: Your blood pressure may skyrocket due to morons posting like idiots.
3. Drama: Being removed as a “friend” should be taken as a blessing, there will be no more drama. Even if its family.
4. Bonds will be made… they may be stronger than blood ties.

5. Filters: there are filters for everything and every possibility in Facebook.  Use them and make your own category: friends that you want close, acquaintances that you may keep close or farther than arms length. Of course, the HATERS! Keep those closer. Refer to #2. Use the filters and avoid getting games requests. Here is a cover image for you to use:


6. Security: Posting pictures of your whole house on FACEBOOK! Really? Come on now? Invite your friends over, show them your new color of wall paint in person and share a glass of vino. (If you want something kept on the down low, don’t post it on Facebook! )

Life is serious and so very short, have fun on FACEBOOK its up to you to make it your own happy place.



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