Posted by: Dolphinelle~Barbara Napoles | March 7, 2014

Bindi does SeaWorld~

Bindi Irwin New SeaWorld AmbassadorThe news that Bindi Irwin, daughter of Australian conservationist and zoo operator in Australia has become SeaWorld’s Youth Ambassador should not come as a surprise.

SeaWorld continues to struggles after the controversial documentary Blackfish (this link has Spanish subtitles) came out on TV via CNN and is now also available in Netflix.

Stock Market prices NASDAQ SEAS (SeaWorld’s) stocks, their value dropping  at an alarming rate after  the release of Blackfish, they were in desperate need for new spokesperson, to bring the young children back to SeaWorld but none other than Bindi Irwin.

Jack Hanna was really boring, old and scary and not as young as a matter of fact Bindi Irwin, she is 15 years old, and will 16 in July. She has that  Hannah Montana look. Kids will start to drink the captivity “kool-aid” under the guise of conservation which by the way its the new way that the captive industry spins their efforts.

Oh, and we know how things are  going with Miley Cyrus as she continues to spin herself by twerking now that she is in her 20’s.

Its no surprise, as this little girl has always been in the lime-light. At the age of 8 Bindi Irwin even had her own toy line and a doll with her exact likeness. A TV show named  “Bindi Irwin – The Jungle Girl”.  

Continuing the legacy of her father  Steve Irwin also known as   “The Crocodile Hunter”  her mother, Terry Irwin has signed, sealed and delivered her off and  partnered up with SeaWorld’s ” Generation Nation’ .- A Seaworld kid’s program.

He fought back stating that people think that what he did dangling with little Robert. WE all remember this publicity stunt.

Hello.. Earth to Steve, you are no longer with us for doing crazy stunts like this!!

Last year it was reported that Bindi, Bob and Terry Irwin were seen at the Mirage’s Secret Garden wherein they keep captive dolphins.

Bindi Irwin and family at the Secret Garden’s Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage .

Seven years ago we learned of Steve Irwin’s passing. He was filming for his upcoming new show. We seem to have found what appears to be “the” video clip from that eventful day. You can watch it here. Soon after his death thousands of clips and hoaxes were posted in social media. This one may also be one of those?

Here is Terry Irwin first interview after his death:

Its also unfortunate that  Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has a ship named after him the Steve Irwin. Owner of the Australia Zoo. On December 5, 2007 Terry Irwin granted  Sea Shepherd the permission to use his name. On this auspicious day she said:

“Whales have always been in Steve’s heart and in 2006 he was investigating the possibility of joining the Sea Shepherd on part of its journey to defend these beautiful animals,” Terri said.

(This writer wonders how much money did the Irwin’s received?  Bindi® was doing just great on her own.)

The Bindi Family is getting slammed by everyone even PETA has made a statement. This is SeaWorld’s way to create outrage and send all into a head-spin. SeaWorld’s publicity machine is just winding up folks. Calm down and don’t spin this.

Seaworld’s publicity machine is winding up just as legislation to stop using orcas for display comes into play. Only the future can tell what this means for Bindi.

Tomorrow, March 7, 2014 at 12pm (PST) Big Legislative announcement, captivity related. Legislation to outlaw killer whales in entertainment!

Sta monica pier  This is like playing a great game of chess. Your turn SeaWorld… CHECK!

#Blackfish – This may your last stand… CHECKMATE Please make sure you go and vote in this important poll!

Update: March 7th, 2014, Capt. Paul Watson has issued his own press release and you can read it here.

Commentary by her grandfather Bob Irwin can be read here.

Please send a big thank you and support Assemblyman Richard Bloom and his constituents. Send your “Thank You’s” here.

Copy of the proposed Legislation can be read here.


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