Posted by: Dolphinelle~Barbara Napoles | February 21, 2014

A satirical look at self-promotion


Lolita protest in November for SBS “Dateline” Australia

Lately I have been accused of “self-promoting.  Well, I’ve taken pen to paper and decided to find out what really is self-promotion by using Google and doing some research  and  some from my own experiences.

Usually I don’t like to brag about my accomplishments. Yes there are videos of what I have done. So I do it to leave a mark in this world and why not? A legacy for my grandchildren. And show the masses that it is real easy to make a difference in the world. To speak up for the voiceless animals, for those that are maimed, hunted and/or abused. If this is self-promotion.- so be it!

I really think there are better things to do, go for a long walk on a beach, having a picnic and listening to the waves as they crash on the shore while I sip on some tropical fruity drink. Things were much simpler when I lived on my sailboat but now I am on land.

At my age I should be enjoying the outdoors without a care of world, hanging out with my grandkids though they live far away. Going window shopping (is there still such a thing?) and just enjoying life. Gardening and having tea with my friends.

But how can I? When I know there are animals suffering around the world, our oceans are being destroyed someone needs to speak up. I have become active within the world then I am an activist.

Which to others it means, I am choosing… Self-promotion!

A day in the life of an activist

My day begins with trying to get to the computer as soon as I possibly can After I have had a shot of Cuban coffee to wake this brain up and immediately put up the weather for the coast of Taiji, Japan.  This very important piece of information will let everyone know whether the banger boats will go hunting that day.

Then, search the World Wide Web for dolphin news. Most of the news is about abuse and dead dolphins washing up on the shoreline of faraway lands. You hope to find some good news to report back but all you see is sadness, death and carnage.

Once this is done, it’s time to go back into my “real” world and try to accomplish household chores, cleaning, paying bills and cooking. Oh and let’s not forget laundry, Banking, bathing our dogs, the bird and grocery shopping because Activists need toilet paper too.  Sometimes you need to also put gas in the car too. You have a lead time of 4 hours to get all of this done.

By then it’s time to come back on the computer and wait on word from the activists in Taiji, the boots on the ground, that will sound the alarm via tweets and posts on Facebook that the banger boats will be going out to hunt.

From September to March they usually go out on a daily basis weather permitting. On bad weather days we rejoice and get to do other self-promoting tasks as putting a demonstration event together in different cities in South Florida. More on this a bit later..

While we wait for the banger boats to go out, we, my team, yes I have a team of 6 people that help in my so called “self-promotion”quest.  Self-promotion requires a team.

We search for images ready for a blue cove or a red cove. We also work on tweets for upcoming tweet storms and other things that we are planning to bring awareness of the plight of the dolphins, not only in Taiji but also around the world. We throw in a dash of maybe doing a tweet storm about culling sharks, giraffes being killing in Denmark, culling of pilot whales in the Faeroe Island. Meanwhile we are glued to the computer screen, multi-tasking, heaven forbid we miss a tweet. Once word comes in that the hunters have brought a dolphin pod to the shallows of the cove, we stay up to the wee hours of the morning reporting in a blow by blow commentary with screen-prints from live streams being sent out by our boots on the ground.


Self-promotion is really very hard work. We may catch a few hours of sleep and then we will start doing this all over again the next day. But, you have all the added “to do” things you didn’t accomplish the day before. We live this way for approximately 6 months out of the year!

Attending  and initializing events:


The art of making an event is real easy on Facebook just go to events and create one. Now the hard part is getting people to attend and to support your cause. Shameless self-promoting of you at demonstrations takes years of knowledge of self-promoting. I will not write and divulge any of my secrets to having a great protest because then I would give those that accuse me of self-promotion a heads up on self-promotion. But I will give you one clue, you have to be on line every day and work very hard on a cause you believe in and luck lots of luck.

You also need an entourage! Working on getting one myself!

Attending events is another way of self-promotion, if you want to be known you have to be present at demonstrations. Being a “keyboard” activist just doesn’t cut it. Your public needs to see you in the trenches getting mud on your boots.  You need to be viewed out there holding signs and speaking up about the cause you believe in.

It also helps to also add a bit of human rights cause, passerby will tell you what about the starving children if you are in a demo that is about animals. They will also tell you to get a job. Even if you are retired!

Now you also have to be very careful of counter attacks. Depending on which cause you are standing up for. Human rights and Occupy movements may get you arrested. This is one cause that I rather be a keyboard activist, I do not like being arrested nor do I have the money for bail. Pick your battles wisely, it’s best to stay on the right side of the law at all times.

Animals rights also has it down side, you can get arrested and be charged with the new federal law of Animal Enterprise Terrorist Act also known as AETA. Don’t go chaining yourself up on any gate or trespassing on private property.

Making Posters and not being a poser


Always make sure your posters are either in Black background or White. Use Black letter with white poster board and White letters with black poster board. Use short phrases. Make it to the point and concise. Don’t try writing the Bill of Rights in one small poster board. The more signs the better! (Do it your way its your self-promotion.)

Don’t be a poser holding your sign either. Stand up right, feet slightly apart and hold that sign between both arms high over the head. Make eye contact with people, that way you know they have seen what you have to say. Refer below to megaphone. Deep voices are needed when responding back to chants.


Japanese Consulate – Miami – August 2013

Please don’t just hold the sign while making different poses or making duck lip faces to those that are taking your picture. Now that is being a poser.

 Use a megaphone


Speaking up for orcas!


Speaking up for dolphins.

Projecting your voice and having chants prepared for your event is essential. Make sure you gather your co-demonstrators for a little pow-wow and let them know prior to your chanting, how the chanting goes and when you say something (in a chant), what is their response. For Pete’s sake (do you know Pete?) use a megaphone. Making chants with screeches just turns people away.  Unless you know how to really project your voice or shout, screaming in high pitch voice will scare people away. USE A MEGAPHONE! Oh yeah I forgot a perk of attending events in South Florida you get a free tan or heat stroke. Keep yourself hydrated.

To Permit or Not Permit

This is the question.. Just get a permit to hold a demonstration. Go to your local police dept. get a permit to hold a demonstrations and also ask to be allowed to use a megaphone. If you don’t want to use a megaphone and make it a silent protest, then do so. Make it a peaceful one.

If you follow the rules most likely you will be treated with courtesy when the cops come out because you have made some noise with the megaphone. (wink)

Social media, burnt food and FOMO

ImageIf you are Facebook addict you know how hard it is to get away from the computer or from your cell phone. Social media contains everything you can possibly think of. From your friends photos on what they did on their last vacation, cruise or wedding. Foreign governments uprisings, riots, tsunamis and politics. New additions to their family maybe it be a bird, rat, fish, mouse, cat or dog and last but not least a new baby.

Word to the wise, don’t be on social media texting and reading while you are preparing your families dinner. Fear of missing out is a horrible disease and there is no cure for it or rehab hospitals (yet). Setting your kitchen on fire will not win you points when you share the pictures of the incident on Facebook. This is a big example of self-promotion.


Speaking of texting, do the world a favor; Don’t text and drive and don’t check for updates while in traffic. Time does go by fast and people stuck behind you will be very pissed off due to your checking your phone and holding up traffic. Nothing is more important  But being alive is.  Selfies or rainbow pictures while you are in your car are great  but do it when you are not driving. Again sharing that you had  an accident is shameless self-promotion. We all know it was probably your fault for texting!

Once last thing, your friends do not really want to see your surgery scars or broken bones sticking out of your flesh. Facelifts or tummy tucks. Again this is one type of Self-promotion that may not get many likes on Facebook. New Tattoos images really rock! Specially dolphins and orcas, they get two thumbs up from me.


No its not my back!

Branding vs. self promotion

Remember that anything you share on the internet and on social media is there forever in the Google search engines. If you don’t want it public forever don’t share it. Once it is posted it can never be removed.

Try to keep your own problems, dysfunctions in check. Self-promotion of a dysfunction will not make your branding. Everyone does not need to know that you live in your own little world and everyone knows you there.


Branding or self-promoting your talents, but just don’t try to be a know it all or that you have done it all.

You are not the only one in the world attempting to do some good. Keep your arguments or discussion respectful if you can, let the “know it all” call you an idiot first. Take a screen print. These are valuable tools for your defense and proving the reputation of the offender. It helps if you know how to manipulate images or have knowledge of some kind of photoshop program and knowing video editing. Be a one person do it all. Why not? You need these tools for self-promotion!

Your branding is built on reputation, social skills, integrity-but most of all your credibility which is the hardest thing to build and that many will find time to try to destroy. Refer back to the beginning, why I have video of everything I do.

Check out my Youtube channels:

Save the Blood Dolphins:


Be confident.  Stand up for something you believe in. Have a platform for your campaign. Use strong, descriptive language when explaining your ideas and plan of action. Build a tight and loyal social community that believes in you, then inspire and empower them to take action.


It’s not all about self-promotion or branding.

My final words to you my reader is, if you have a message tell it to the world. Say it loud and say it proud and if you get accused of self-promotion respond with this answer. What have you done for the world lately? Or better yet, Maybe You need me to do some self-promotion for you?


Remember F. Scott Fitzgerald’s pithy line: “You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.” And I do have a lot to say!

Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn. Have self-confidence and toot it!


Go ahead and toot your own horn~

 Because Self -promotion is really hard work!


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