Posted by: Dolphinelle~Barbara Napoles | January 31, 2014

Angels of the Sea

Carolina Snowball

White dolphins are very rare dolphins, known as albino dolphins they lack pigmentation and melanin. Melanin is the pigment responsible for skin color.  Sacred white animals are herald both a blessing and a warning. There have been many sightings of albino dolphins in the United States.  NOAA has a fact sheet and an alert on a albino dolphin calf which was first photographed in June 2007, at Calcasieu Lake in southwestern Louisiana.

One very famous white dolphin was Carolina Snowball  and her calf called her Sonny Boy her “por-poose”. Sonny Boy was normal color.

Carolina Snowball released into her holding tank while a young Ric O'Barry  watches.

Carolina Snowball released into her holding tank while a young Ric O’Barry watches.

She was captured after being chased for fifty-one days as she was very smart and avoided being trapped. She was captured by the Miami Seaquarium back in August 1962. One of those that was aboard that infamous boat was Richard O’Barry. Upon the news of  an albino dolphin being caught in Taiji, a phone call was placed to O’Barry who explained that he wrote about it in his book, “Behind the Dolphin Smile”. He explained how he had just started to work with the captive facility it was maybe his second or third day on the job. He sounded sad as we spoke of this tragic capture. The captain’s log and more on her story can be read HERE.

Carolina Snowball made the Miami Seaquarium famous, this writer at a young age went to visit her and found her oddity beautifully sad. She was plucked from the sea with her son, Sonny Boy. Poor Carolina didn’t live long in captivity and statues of white dolphins still now adorn the entrance to the Miami Seaquarium. After learning of her death and that of Hugo, this writer realized that we are not saving these dolphins but abusing them. I vowed never to enter that place again.

Monorail at the Miami Seaquarium

Monorail at the Miami Seaquarium

The monorail was destroyed in 1980 by Hurricane Andrew.

Ric O'Barry doing the dolphin show

Ric O’Barry doing the dolphin show

After Kathy the dolphin died in Ric’s arms that was the turning point for a pro-cap to turn anti-captivity and started to fight for dolphins to remain free and not be used for entertainment.  Ric’s latest successful release was 3 dolphins in South Korea. Korean dolphins released named Jedol, Chunsam and Sampal, have been successfully returned to the ocean after years in captivity in South Korean aquariums they have been seen integrated with a wild dolphin pod.

Please sign the petition to return Angel back to the ocean. Her chances of surviving in captivity are slim to none wherein the ocean if she is placed with a wild pod they might take her in and also protect her.

Angel has been sent to bring awareness to the cause, to show the abuse that these dolphins receive in captivity.


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