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Memoirs and Letters to a Whale Warrior


Its great to hear from our warriors out at sea who are standing up for the right of whales, risking their own lives while protecting protecting the right of whales to live in peace and harmony in a sanctuary. Not to be chased, harassed or killed for being one of the largest animal in the world and certainly not for  a so-called “research”.

Feel free to read  her story and if you are moved, please write your support for all that they are doing  by leaving a comments in this blog. I am sure she will be able to access it when she can out at sea.

Hello Barb,

We are doing well, with emotional ups and down as expected but trying to keep the spirit high and strong. Here is a piece I wrote the other day. Please tell my mom about it if you can, and if you like it you can post it, but mostly I hope my mommy likes it.

Thank you again Barb, love you.

She asked that I translate the letter from English to Spanish, her parents native tongue. (All outbound correspondence must be in English, I presume.)

“When I wrote this letter I had my parents in my mind and I tried to come with a way to explain why I have chosen this lifestyle and this fight,why I have chosen to be away from my loved human family in order to be close my non human one.

This letter is for every parent that has a child away from home and on the front lines of environmental/animals rights activism, and to my beloved parents……with all my love.

I hope you are doing well and that work is good too. We are doing good, we have had our emotional ups and downs because one day you find the whalers and then the next day you have lost them, and then the search begins again and you just wish this was over soon but it has just started so it hits you hard cause there is literally nothing else you can do.

The sweets on our days and  the beautiful creatures that come and hang out with us, while they surf the skies or the waters they also give us that extra push to keep up the fight and don’t look down. I cant understand how it is that humans have become this mass destruction machines, how can you just throw your horrific machines upon innocent defenseless beings that are only sharing this home we call earth with us? I like to call them brothers and sisters, whether they fly, run, swim or climb, whether they are big and strong or small and delicate, they have been born from the very core of mother earth just like us.

They breath and grow, they mother and cry….they suffer and rejoice on life; what else do we need to accept we are not that different to them.

Maybe we need to look into how small and insignificant we can be or we really are. We/I receive so much from our fellow earth inhabitants, and their very existence just fulfills my days and my life with beauty, inspiration and desire of justice and peace. So I guess the least we and I can do is give something back and fight for them….so here I am and this is were I want to be until my brothers and sisters can swim free and give birth to their beautiful babies without a harpoon breaking their bodies and hearts into pieces. This is just the beginning, and I am sure we will succeed.

So thank you for supporting, we are doing ok.

Love, Cris

Dear Cely,
Funny how the divine universe works, I just saw you in a video a few hours prior to receiving this email  and thought of you and Ben. Wondering if the seas were rough? How many wonderful whales you must have seen frolicking in the ocean? Hoping that your hard work would stop  the slaughter and how many had already passed.  Do you remember this day?
You always amaze me. Take care of yourself dear friend, thanks for the tears, laughter and great memories, love you too.
Onward Cely Warrior Princess!
Your friend, Barb

Cely and other attendees suiting up for the event. Click the image to see the video.

If you like to leave Maria Cristina Cely a message of support, please place a comment. She will be given the link to this blog and hopefully she can see how much those around the world we support her efforts. Thank you.



  1. thank you , I with our friends and you support end killing whales “research ” we don’t need more bloody for all marine mammal research , we need our beautiful soul free swim in ocean and happy again . Thank you so much

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