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Save the Blood Dolphins – 2013- A year in review

What a year 2013!


It’s been a wonderful and productive year for the organization Save the Blood Dolphins. Our administrative team is growing. This year has brought us many joys and some really sad moments.

First, let me introduce you to the administrative team that is the main backbone of our organization. These great passionate men and women, selflessly volunteer their valuable time not only to the plight of the captive dolphin but also for other animals that they render a voice to. Our wonderful team is comprised of different personalities and groups that believe that we can make a difference by uniting our efforts. Kudos and salutations for a job well done team STBD!

Administrative team of Save the Blood Dolphins

Administrative team of Save the Blood Dolphins

January 2013

In January, Mila DeMier traveled to Almerimar, Spain and visited with Promar/Marcos the Dolphin and presented the Promar group with a  donation and volunteered her time on behalf of our organization. Sadly on February 2, 2013, he was battered by a powerful storm, at the same time he was still battling several health issues and a few weeks after her visit, Marcos passed away.  Marcos will always be in our hearts.

Our 3rd Annual Positive Change for Taiji event took place in Miami in front of the Consulate of Japan building. The turnout was amazing.  Ric O’Barry attended and joined the chorus line of our interpretation of “Oppa Gangman- Save the Blood Dolphins Style” – Video.

February 2013

We hosted a Matinee –Cove viewing and fundraiser  for Ric O’Barry, at the Ellie Schiller Homossassa Spring and Wildlife State park.  The turnout was amazing and we received many wonderful donations and we collected $500.00 for Dolphin Project.

Matinee cove viewing at Ellie Schiller

Manatee swim

Manatee Swim -click on the image to Native Vacations, Inc.

This very important tour that we took to visit with the manatees was more than a personal thing, it  was a  true eye opening experience of the challenges happening in Crystal River including the coal burning  near such pristine water by the electrical company.

Maria Cristina Cely,  a person we admire, and despite it all she is making her dreams come true. We truly want to give this whale warrior an “Honorable Mention”. Here is the story while she was aboard the Bob Barker in the Southern Oceans sanctuary saving whales. She witnessed  a minke whale get harpooned and she later sent this message and we were very inspired to do a video in the memory of  Rosita.

March 2013

One of our administrators was present at the Screening of Blackfish, along with Ric O’Barry and Gabriella Cowperthwaite. Dolphin Project team in attendance. Dolphin Project Team at Blackfish viewing in Miami BeachKirsten Massebeau and Martyn Stewart both visited the Port of Astoria on different occasions, advocating for the release and to stop the branding of seals of the dam, bringing awareness through their images.

Port of Astoria. East End of Mooring. California and Stellar sealsKirsten Massebeau attended the Earth Day event in Cannon Beach, Oregon. Her booth and PowerPoint presentation  was a great hit, they distributed hundreds of flyers.

Dolphin image taken by Nana Takanawa. Follow Champions for Cetaceans by clicking here.

Way To Go! Champions for Cetaceans our sister page and blog!

April 2013

Mila deMier (l) Ric O’Barry and Barbara Napoles (r)

Both Mila DeMier and Barbara Napoles attended  the 2nd Annual Miami Wildlife Conservation Film Festival  to support Ric O’Barry and Leilani Munter. Ric received a wonderful award and Leilani Munter presented him with a beautiful oil painting.
We also did some beach clean up in South Beach.

May 2013

We hereby  give our great friend Susan Mabe,  a posthoumous “Honorable Mention”. Here is a little piece of movie trivia for those of you that did not know this.  Susan Mabe’s appears in “Blackfish”. I was present at Sanford when that protest took place and the film crew was videotaping. Never in my wildest dreams did we imagine that this great documentary was being filmed. You will just  have to see it for yourself won’t you? #Blackfish

Susan Mabe in Blackfish

June 2013

We visited Miami Seaquarium to checked on Lolita and her condition in June. The last time that we had seen her was immediately following the death of “Hugo” a heartbreaking moment as Lolita was alone without a companion. The visit turned out to be one of the saddest moments in my life.  Told Lolita that we have not forgotten her. We are fighting for her freedom.

Mila Demier at the Belgium demo

Mila DeMier at the Belgium Demo

June 28, 2013- Mila DeMier attends Europe’s biggest demonstration yet, “Close down all Dolphinariums in EU”. This event was also UStreamed by Mila and you can watch the Ustream of the event here.


August 2013

We once again joined with The Dolphin Project Team to watch Blackfish in Tampa and gave interview to Univision TV Station.

Middle image we are speaking with Univision crew about Blackfish

Blackfish Screening in Tampa

Kirsten in Portland Day of Dolphin 2013 holding the poster that Susan Mabe bequeathed her.

Protest at the Consulate of Japan in Portland, Oregon for the annual Japans Dolphins Day  2013

Japan’s Dolphins Day 2013  Harlem Shake being performed by the team.

Protest at the Consulate of Japan in Miami for the annual Day of the Dolphin 2013

Mila & Ruben DeMier

You can follow Mila DeMier and her page by clicking here

Mila de Mier visited Turmares Tarifa to check out their wild dolphins program. They are a wonderful company that cares for the well being of the dolphins. Their dolphin watch tour is great and very educational. A pioneer company in Spain. Go visit their page and like them on Facebook.

September 2013

We visited Miami for a fundraiser for Ric O’Barry at Luna Star Café.

Luna Star Cafe

TweetStorm Qatar deceit

October 2013

Demo For Lolita for Dateline Australia film crew

10/10/13 Protest at Miami Seaquarium  done for the SBS International – Dateline Australia

One of the best moments of the year, getting picked up by Dateline: Australia. Liberating Lolita : Dateline Australia

Then on October 26, 2013 we were once again at another event in front of the Miami Seaquarium.

November 2013

Isobel at Seaworld Protest

Isobel at SeaWorld Protest

Protest November 9th – SeaWorld Orlando  – 30 yrs of Tillikum’s capture.

Tweetstorm Faroes End the Grind

11/19/13  – Tweetstorm for End the Faroe Grind –

Tweetstorm against the Sochi Olympics

12/22/13 –  Protest of December 22- Boycott SeaWorld for Cash’s Birthday  video. We yelled Boycott Seaworld, Seaworld lies. Our voices were heard.  Even “The Daily Mail”  in the UK picked up the story. This has to be the best event of the year and a crowning glory for our team.

Happy Birthday Cash

Happy Birthday Cash

It was an amazing year! We’ve set the bar! We, at Save the Blood Dolphins will ring in the New Year with greater adventures and ways to help dolphins with the recent addition of Sharon and Steve, this year is even more promising than ever!

For the Dolphins, For the Whales, For the World.

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Special Thanks to our team without you and your support none of this could have happened! Thank you for your hard work



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  4. Is been such a player to be part of pod. Everyday encounter new challenges and growing strong as public is learning about captivity.
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