Posted by: Dolphinelle~Barbara Napoles | October 15, 2013

Clearwater Marine Aquarium starts filming Dolphin Tale 2


If there were awards given for ordinary people that are doing amazing things, this man, Joe Corvino would certainly be receiving a Dolphin Hero Award.

You ask who is Joe Corvino? Joe Corvino is not an “animal activist” he has an accounting degree from St John’s University and  knows about the numbers and he is fighting one of the biggest and  worst deals that may go down in the City of Clearwater.

Corvino, a Water’s Edge resident who has led the opposition to the expansion of Clearwater Marine Aquarium, (CMA) says that opposition has spread to other parts of the city and other areas in the State of Florida.  He portrays Water’s Edge residents as “canaries in the coal mine”, sounding early alarms about future danger, as stated in  The Tampa Bay Times.

A deal that will ruin the citizens of Clearwater. 2 “white elephants on steroids”. Residents will have the opportunity  to vote on a referendum scheduled for a special election Nov. 5, 2013 that would allow city and aquarium officials to enter into a deal to redevelop a portion of the downtown waterfront. “The Clearwater Marine Aquarium wants to build a $160 million aquarium facility that would be able to accommodate an expected two million potential visitors to see Winter the Dolphin yearly.” As stated in  the Clearwater Patch.

Friends of Clearwater  state “The numbers don’t add up. Estimated visitors per year are all over the place. The estimates have been mentioned as 2.5 Million, then 2 Million, then 1.5 Million and then current Clearwater Mayor George Kretekos said it would be something between 750,000 and 1.5 Million per year. Note that the CMA Break/Even is estimated at 950,000 visitors per year. The Tampa Aquarium gets 600,000 visitors per year and this has been stable for years. Is there a market big enough for two large aquariums this close to each other?”

Gov. Scott gives aquarium Florida Tax dollars. With all the budget cuts in this state  this “donation” would have better served our school systems. Improving education and keeping the cost of living low for all Floridians. This movie is not helping all Floridians on the contrary only a few. This money would have benefited the budget cuts for healthcare. This is not about “Florida Families First” at all.

Now comes the real question, What happens if Winter dies? Will their new protege “Hope” the dolphin that was rescued at the same location as Winter was found, make Dolphin Tale 2 the money necessary to pay back the $160million debt?  Hope a very young calf was found trying to nurse from her dead mother. CMA rescued this young calf and now we have Dolphin Tale 2 in the making.

Many of the employees left soon after David Yates  was hired  Dana Zucker, who served as chief operating officer during Winter’s rescue but left after Yates was hired, said the CEO’s background made him focus less on education and more on “selling things.” Winter, she said, became a key to his brand.  “For those of us who brought (Winter) in when no one else wanted her, she was not a golden ticket,” Zucker said. “I wonder whether or not David Yates would be there if Winter wasn’t.”

hope the dolphin2

Hope the dolphin rescued December 2011, was never released.

Rest assure Yates goes after anyone and everyone  that opposes any of his plans. He is known for sending out Cease & Desist letters to those speak up against him.

Now lets look into history and the successes and releases of Clearwater Marine Aquarium as found in  which is intended to serve as an informational resource and database of captive dolphins and whales around the world.

Panama the dolphin dies at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium on September 25, 2013.

Sharks attack released dolphin near Tampa Bay on July 28, 2009 a dolphin named Dunham after being released was attacked by Tiger and other species of sharks.

Blondie the dolphin released on May 2, 2002 this dolphin was released back into the wild. A success story for CMA.

CMA has lost their way and are no longer a Rescue, Rehab and Release facility. They have forgotten their goals and mission statement and now have their sights set on becoming as big as Seaworld. Maybe they should re-evaluate their goals as with the latest release of “Blackfish” , the documentary, SeaWorld stocks have plummeted and ticket sales are down. The documentary is due to broadcast on CNN October 24, 2013.   There are  no guarantees that these dolphins thrive in captivity.


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