Posted by: Dolphinelle~Barbara Napoles | February 6, 2013

Why worry about the bid from Japan to hold the Olympics?

Just wondering if we really have to worry about the Intl. Olympics Committee checking out and approving  Japan as a future site for the games. Seems to me that if they would just read the outrageous ways that the Government of Japan is thinking of disposing their nuclear waste and the on going radiation leakage in this country that this would be a moot point. joc

Would any athlete risk their health and  life on visiting a country that has and will have for a very long time radiation poisoning and leakage?  A large section of their country cannot be visited due to radiation fall-out. As reported by TEPCO they will be releasing  “clean” yet highly  contaminated water into the ocean.

The government also plans to build by 2020 wind turbines in the ocean by Fukushima.  As reported in the Asia Pacific Times Prime Minister Abe has made it clear that he wanted to restart Japan’s scores of idled reactors — all but two of which remain offline in the wake of the 2011 Fukushima plant disaster — and has even said that he wanted to build new ones.

“In 2006, a report ordered by the Nagano region’s governor said the Japanese city provided millions of dollars in an “illegitimate and excessive level of hospitality” to IOC members, including $4.4 million spent on entertainment alone.” (source Wikipeadiea) They already have a black mark against their reputation.

It is of my opinion that maybe the summer Olympics should be allowed in Japan “if” they win the bid. Thousands of people will be flocking into Japan for the Olympics. Wouldn’t it be a great idea for all these people to visit the town of Taiji? The Summer Olympic are usually held In August and Sept. and if they start in September? Taiji’s little secret will not be a secret. They would  have to  come up with more inventive ways to hide their hideous murderous acts against sentient beings; dolphins. Even in the off season there are dall’s dolphins and beaked whales in the major fish markets.

By that time, the whole world should know all about how a group of Fisherman in the Isana Fishermen Union kill dolphins and capture them to re-stock the dolphins, those that die in aquariums all around Japan. The government will not be able to stop the tourists from entering the country as they are now being so selective. Imagine that? Many activist can and will be able to hand out leaflets in  Tokyo, Japan. Visit Taiji, see what this country allows a group of fishermen is allowed to do.  Many people can and will be able to come to see what the Oscar winning The Cove  is really all about.

Here is a country that still has not recuperated from a major earthquake and tsunami with major damages to their power source and major radiation leak. On going now for 2 years they are still scrambling on how to resolve the Fukushima incident.

They continue to use funds to failing antiquated whaling ships, how much taxing can the average taxpayer in Japan can take now they are funding Japanese whalers? A failing industry where there is a huge stockpile of uneaten whale meat and consumption is very low. Whale meat is still being fed to school children though there is a well known fact that whale meat is tainted with the heavy metal Mercury that causes Minamata disease.

The final cost to build the Olympic Village in London was to the tune of $13.8 Billion dollars!  Beijing’s 2008 cost was $40 to $44 billion yet  Japan’s economy has been failing. The original bid to the IOC was made by Prime Minister Noda, who is no longer in power. Now enters Prime Minister Abe who promises to make or break Japan’s economy.

There may be many Prime Ministers that come and will go in 6 years time.  The last 5 Prime Ministers were only in office for a year!  prime ministers

Many of Japan’s citizens are still displaced, never to be able to go home again. What plans are there to build homes for these  displaced citizens  who still live in shelters? This is what should be brought to the attention of the IOC. Thousands of citizens and family with children who live in fear of radiation and their futures is still uncertain.  This maybe the criteria that may stop the IOC from approving Japan as the city to hold the 2020 Summer Olympics.

“If you build it they will come” – Let the games begin! or should I say.- Japan continues to play games.


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