Posted by: Dolphinelle~Barbara Napoles | January 31, 2013

I believe

This year on Valentines day it will mark another birthday – Happy 40th Birthday Holly, you may be gone but certainly never will be forgotten as your birthday is soon approaching.
Cancer took your life just way too early and left me with a hole in my heart.
Now I just have to believe that there is something greater for me to do here on earth. To leave a legacy for whom I don’t know.
If I can inspire just one person to know that life is worth living and that grief should not deter you for continuing to live, to do something for the less fortunate, for the voiceless then, your passing will not have been in vain. I remember how you just loved life and all that was around you. The beauty you saw in the trees, the rocks, the birds, the ocean and life.
As I told you on your last moments awake, when life must have been passing in front of you…see the light and run towards it don’t look back. They were the hardest words a mother has to tell her child as she faced death.
I hope to have the same strength as you did, so that when my time comes to see that open door and the precious light of the other side that I will be as strong and run towards it.
You are now in the everlasting arms of something greater than life. I know there is work yet for me to fulfill here. I believe that one day I will fly, we will fly side by side. I will spread my angel wings and we will be together forever.
Because I believe I will fly. I believe I can fly.
“The mind will understand and analyze the grief and loss but the heart may never recover. Live Strong.”~Dolphinelle

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