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Save the Blood Dolphins 2012 Rewind

Soon we will be welcoming 2013. We are not tooting our own horn  but when we look back at 2012 its was a wonderful year, it was full of achievements and some sorrow. Thanks to all of you, that support us and help us spread awareness we have made great strides and we look forward to the New Year 2013. We want to share with you some of the highlights of this wonderful year 2012. Let’s rewind shall we?

~January 2012

We held our 2nd annual protest in front of the Japanese Consulate – Occupy the Japan Embassy in Miami. With our great friend, Mila deMier in attendance. The Geisha girls rocked the town, special thanks to Cynthia Blaez and Mila deMier.

~February 2012

We watched Leilani Munter,  race for the Cove in Daytona Beach Race track.  Leilani one awesome Dolphin Activist.

Leilani Munter races her car for "The Cove" and the dolphins.

Leilani Munter races her car for “The Cove” and the dolphins.

~March 2012:

A call to action was called for March 10th, 2012, we received notification of the horrors of Captive Dolphins in a traveling show in Indonesia.

March 5th, Pete Bethune from Earthrace Conservation Org. delivers petition in New York to the  Indonesia Embassy “Stop the Traveling Circus in Indonesia”.

~April 2012: (started in January 2012)

Dolphins “Sad & Lonely” held in the world smallest dolphin tank were moved by our great friend Enson Inoue, martial arts expert after he had a meeting with the mayor of Taiji.

~June 2012

On June 21, 2012, Ric O’Barry and  Earth Island Institute, Dolphin Project and Save Japan Dolphins. The Day of the Dolphin was declared to be Sept. 1st.  We started our annual petition to Save the Blood Dolphins of Taiji.  This petition was personally delivered to the Japan Embassy prior to the Day of the Dolphin.

~July 2012:

Pressure was placed on Garuda Airlines who reviewed their policies after activist take a photo of a dolphin being transported and stopped the transport of Dolphins throughout the Indonesia Islands.

~August 2012:

A very  special thanks to Mila deMier who was so instrumental in getting us to Washington, DC. Its because she believes and loves the Dolphins that this was possible. Thanks Mila!

Mila de Mier

August 29  Delivering Petition to Indonesia and Japan Embassies in Washington DC.

On August 31, 2012 we had our Day of the Dolphin in Miami .

September:  Kirsten Massebau joined our wonderful team as an administrator.

October: We participated in the NOAA public hearing along with wonderful organizations, thanks to the generosity of Susan Mabe  who’s last wishes were to get “boots on the ground”.  She helped 5 activist friends be the voice of the belugas waiting to be transported into Georgia Aquarium. We had the opportunity to fly back to Washington DC and deliver the petitions to the Indonesia & Japan Embassies.

Delivery of Petition Indonesia Embassy

© Fiona Dawson

My turn to speak

© Fiona Dawson

"we learn nothing if we cannot learn from our previous mistake"

© Fiona Dawson

Brian, Courtney and Rob Dr. Lori Marino & Ric O"Barry


Our great friend and wonderful activist passed away the end of October.

~November 2012: 

Martyn Stewart joined  Save the Blood Dolphins administrative team!

We’ve secured a location to have a fundraiser for Save Japan Dolphins.

~December 2012:

Sandi Sullivan joined the Save the Blood Dolphins Team as an administrator!

We want thank all of those that have found their voice to speak up for the Dolphins. We are encouraged by all the continued support, for its because you care for the dolphins that our Social Media Campaign is so successful. Last but not least, we want to give a shout out to our sister page “Salven los delfines de Taiji, Japon. Please make sure you like us on Facebook.

A year in retrospect, its so amazing! We say good-bye to 2012 and welcome the new year 2013! Happy New Year!

~2013 Calendar of Events for Save the Blood Dolphins~

January 11, 2013 – Once again we will be at the steps of the Consulate General of Japan in Miami. 80 SW 8th street Miami, Florida

February 23, 2013 – Fundraiser and Free view of the movie “The Cove”.



  1. Hello I live in México city and I Wanted to know if you know if Something going to be done in the Indonesian embassy in México about the dolphins. I Don’t Think many people in México know what is really going on with the dolphins in Taiji. Thank you
    Very much.

    Kind regards,

  2. I personally tend to go along with every little thing that
    is authored throughout “Save the Blood Dolphins 2012 Rewind A Dolphin Activist”.
    Many thanks for pretty much all the actual info.Thanks a lot-Gena

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