Posted by: Dolphinelle~Barbara Napoles | September 27, 2012

A Must Read “Behind the Dolphin Smile” by Richard O’Barry

Behind the Dolphin Smile, by Richard O’Barry, Keith Coulbourn and Susan Casey,  chronicles the life of Ric O’Barry, beginning with his early days as a trainer in the 1960’s at the Miami Seaquarium and how the death of his beloved Kathy aka as “Flipper” died in his arms.

How her  death made him look into his soul and realize how harmful and morally wrong it was to keep Dolphins in captivity for human entertainment. Realizing that Dolphins were so very easy to train because they are extremely intelligent, O’Barry vows to never rest until all Dolphins are free forever.  From his arrest in Bimini, Bahamas for trying to free captive Dolphins held in a sea pen to playing the lead role in  the 2010 Academy Award Winner  in the riveting documentary  “The Cove”  in Taiji, Japan, where hundreds of dolphins are slaughtered annually from September 1, to May.

Ric is on  “A Mission to Protect the Wild Dolphins of the World”. Behind the Dolphin Smile” by Ric O’Barry has to be one of this years “Must Read” books. Once you start reading it, you will not put it down until the end. The book is brilliantly written,  giving it two “Thumbs up”!

It makes a great gift, one that keeps giving.  A portion of the proceeds of the sale of this book will go to benefit Richard O’Barry’s Dolphin Project organization. You can also help by donating to Save Japan

(As a youngster living in Miami, personally watched Ric perform at the now infamous Miami Seaquarium, followed the “Flipper” TV series,  but after watching the documentary and his reality  TV mini series, Blood Dolphin$ on Animal Planet,  became one of his most avid follower and activist.)

Ric came to one of our protest at the Miami Seaquarium.

For the Dolphins, For the Whales, For the World ~ Save the Blood Dolphins!


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