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To Save a Lonely Dolphin in Taiji-

BangBang Concept   while patrolling  the Dolphin Base Resort using a long pole with a camera attached to the end was able to record what was thought an abandoned Dolphin in an above ground pool full of algae being exposed to the sunlight.

Fortunately enough,  everything is in the history  “posts” of the internet and I will share with you certain chain of events as they happened from our viewpoint;

On December 24th, 2010, we started to keep abreast of the information coming out of Taiji,  reports from Andy Romanowski’s  facebook page Bang Bang  Concept.  Andy sounded like a man with a mission and we followed him on Facebook.

Dolphin Fact: Did you know that in captivity a dolphins spends 80% of the time floating on the surface and 20% underwater? In the wild its reversed a wild dolphin will spend 80% of the time swimming and 20% above water as it surfaces for a breath of air. Misty, bored and alone with no other dolphin floated on the surface and entertained himself with the toy.

On December 31, 2010 in a communication via private message to Andy Romanowski it was suggested   by “Barbara” that we put a name to this dolphin to be able to have a “Face” with the name. There was the perfect song that could go with the plight of this dolphin. Johnny Mathis one of my old time favorites singers. Later we found out that Misty was a male dolphin.  A media marketing strategy was started by Save the Blood Dolphins. Our intellectual property.

On the last hours of December 30th 2010 ” Play Misty For Me” the video was born it had music and uploaded to Save the Blood Dolphins page. (Check the upload dates) One big accomplishment for an activist with no video editing skills or knowledge. The music was played in the background in one tab and camera in hand in the other and continually hitting the replay over and over  on the video from Andy, taped it via personal camera to later be updated to YouTube. Two words come to mind, Persistence and Ingenuity! “Necessity is the mother of invention”, believe me here was a master piece in the making and an extra hand would have come in handy!

On December 31st, the video our video was uploaded on YouTube, a video that was sent out from Bang Bang Concept in Taiji. On my communication with Andy Romanowsky we started the media spin on Misty.

The petition, Save Misty the Dolphin   started by the founder of Save the Blood Dolphins,  with help of the  membership of Save the Blood Dolphins page and the public that was following Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Dolphin Base Resort got the taste of  internet activism. Misty the Dolphin was moved. Once this move happened, we edited the title on the petition to read what it says now.. “rehabilitate and release”.

We blogged about this here on  our Dolphinelle.Wordpress Play Misty for Me

We seeded this on – Newsvine is own by MSNBC !

   Lung infections can be contracted by other dolphins as a dolphin expels their breath, the bacteria becomes airborne and can and will contaminate those that are breathing and inhaling around him. Dolphin breath. Just like we humans can spread a cold virus by coughing or sneezing  so can a dolphin.  Misty was not for sale because Misty was already sold.  *This was on January 1, 2011.

On January 2, 2011 Misty is loaded unto a truck and  moved under the cover of darkness inside the Dolphin Base Resort. Although we were very hopeful and that time. No one actually saw the transfer of Misty from the truck,  to a tank if any, at Dolphin Base Resort. We were all very hopeful that this dolphin that we all loved, was being moved to a better location. – (Which is actually January 3, 2011 in Taiji)

All of the dolphins at Dolphin Base Resort are expendable because during the drive season they will just get a replacement. As we have seen this happen many times in Taiji. ie..Jiyu   We have seen how deceptive the Fishermen of Taiji and the trainers and those that run Dolphin Base Resort.

The captivity industry usually moves their animals in the cloak of darkness, its less stressful for the animal.  They certainly removed Jiyu very quickly once we started to bring notice to an ailing dolphin in the seapens here one day, gone in a instant tomorrow.

We’ve sent the latest photo for identification  to Russ Rector from Dolphin Freedom Organization and an ex-dolphin trainer turned activist and asked him for help in identifying the Dolphin he responds, “There is no proof that this new found dolphin could be Misty, unless you have more photos of the Dolphin prior to it being in that above ground pool there are no identifiable marks that we can determine whether or not that is that dolphin. Nobody  saved Misty, that was a complete failure, the only thing that was accomplished there…  you bothered the owners and trainers of the Resort and they moved the dolphin out of the prying eyes of the world. The Japanese will never surrender one of their prized catch.”

We will never know the real name of that Dolphin because they all are given inventory numbers or their own names in Japanese and only known to the trainers of the Dolphin Base Resort,  Ceta-Base Captive Dolphins Phinventory  has only two males listed with no date of capture, transfer or if they are deceased, there is a lot of missing information.  Just so that you know, there was a Dolphin at Theater of the Sea named Misty, its also deceased. Male Dolphins are segregated from the females in order to avoid mating.

Where are all the dolphins caught and brought into captivity during this drive season? We’ll never know. They’ve disappeared into the underground shuffling of Japan’s aquariums. “Marine Mammals were an expendable commodity, said Jim Antrim a retired SeaWorld vice president. “If these animals perished, you’d just go out and replace them. The ease [of replacing them] didn’t drive a great deal of research of what they needed to keep them healthy.”  The same attitude taken by Dolphin Base Resort.

*Please note that Andy’s posting of the date is written the European way – day/month/year)

Remember… do the research. Its out there on the internet… Never be silent, Have integrity and strength! TELL THE TRUTH!!



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