Posted by: Dolphinelle~Barbara Napoles | August 3, 2012

Cat and Dolphin Viral video – the final spin.

Have you ever noticed how when you tell a story to someone and that story is told to someone else and then to someone else, how the story changes and it become a completely different story at the end? The story that started with facts now its not even the same story?

Well, the stories I am about to tell you are doing just that. Sadly, it is also becoming a deception of what the truth and the events of what that story really is or was. The wonderful thing is that the internet saves the actual real story with dates and of those that participated in a great event. No matter how much you try to put a spin on it. Its always there with a “time stamp” of sorts.

As seen at time: 0:29 you will see the image and listen closely to the trainers whistle and at the beginning of the video it says at 0:03 the trainer states.. “He is going to lap around the pool”.

(NOTE: I’m going to ask you that if you love dolphins, PLEASE do not share this video with words like OMG how Cute! Instead I want you to share it with the words ~Captivity KILLS!)
As seen in the video Cat and Dolphin that went viral. Back in 1997 at the Theater of the Sea there were 2 captive Dolphins named Thunder and Shiloh and a cat named Arthur. The video features Shiloh and Arthur. Its started as simple internet video that went viral and the latest spin is that the cat was on a boat and yet no one noticed the trainers whistle. If you look closely at the video the back of the trainers shirt, you can read the last few letter of the logo “Theater”. This is the slide platform where people will sit and wait their turn to interact with the dolphins, blue coolers hold the fish treats for the Dolphins. Unfortunately this same feral cat community was the demise of the Dolphins that swam in the sea pen. Due to excessive amount of rain, from a storm that, produced runoff water that went into their sea enclosure. Theater of the Sea lost 3 dolphins in the year 2000. This rainwater carried lots of fecal bacteria from the feral cat community that was allowed to live at that facility, it made the dolphins so ill, they died. There are no more feral cats communities at Theater of the Sea in the Florida Keys. Read the article from the Chicago Tribune  reports: Sickness and death can plague marine mammals at parks .   Dolphins die due to contaminated water.

UPDATE: 8/3/12 – Just got a phone call informing me that Theater of the Sea has been once again reported to APHIS for once again having a feral cat community. Theater of the Sea and APHIS… are not very happy campers!!



  1. This is a permanent theme with me.. Stories that sound so good but are ultimately big lies… Thanks for once again opening my eyes to the real story… I do not re- send ever unless I can corroborate its truth But who has time these days to do it? ! I just add comments to the person who sent them and go my unhappy way with a thorn in my heart… Is it true or isn’t it? Living in Florida as I do the horrors our government inflict not just on animals but on people are mounting by the minute and so is my disappointment with part of the human race. Thanks for your part in defending truth!

  2. WEll at least I now know the truth I thought this was in the wild….No!

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