Posted by: Dolphinelle~Barbara Napoles | February 9, 2011

Death Takes a Holiday

For six days due to fog the Fishermen of Taiji had taken a Holiday until yesterday Feb. 8th, 2011. On this day they slaughtered 20-25 bottlenose dolphins that they had herded into the cove and merciless slaughtered. There were juveniles and probably pregnant females The Cove ran red again.If they do not spare any dolphins soon the Oceans will have no dolphins swimming in them and the seas will be silent.

Today Death takes a Holiday, all the boats are in the Harbor and everyone is very happy, elated that no dolphins were slaughtered today.

Today I leave you with one of my own quotes:
“Activist never quit when they believe in the cause they are fighting for.
Do not feel discouraged, feel enraged.
Do not falter, feel the power of a thousand voices.
Do not waver, they will see weakness.
Do not deter, We will never stop or surrender.
…Iruka Wo Korosanaide Kudasai
For the Dolphins, For the Whales, For the World.
Save the Blood Dolphins~


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