Posted by: Dolphinelle~Barbara Napoles | January 30, 2011

Its Possible…Meeting One of My Heroes!

As I watched my first episode of Whale Wars, I thought, Whale Wars? Well I didn’t want to see people killing whales and changed the channel but my curiosity got the best of me of course I changed the channel back to Animal Planet and watched my first episode. Well, from then on I became a fan. My husband and I became fans. I watched as this one black pirate ship chased and engaged the Japanese Whaling fleet in some wild maneuvers in the Southern Ocean. How this wonderful Motley Crew tried to do its best to save the whales in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary.

The rest is history I have recorded and watched every show. Every Friday night I would start watching the recap show and watched the new episode and I argued with the TV and told the crew of the Delta boat when to drop the the propeller fouling ropes, how they needed to practice with their pitching arms on getting that rotten butter and hit the Japanese ships.  Spoil that whale meat. I’ve never been one to argue with a movie or a TV show and here I was rooting for Sea Shepherd! Save the Whales!!

Then came the Ady Gil l. It was an awesome Trimaran that just finished doing the Earthrace . It was going to be the one ship that really could make a difference on winning the war against the Whale hunters. My husband and I watched how this ship had amazing lines and of course could only imagine us, my husband and I as a team helping the whalers stop the Japanese fleet.

It was very unfortunate as I watched as the Japanese Whaling ship The MV Shonan Maru II steered off course and crashed into and tore off the bow of the  Ady Gil. I was furious.   How can the Captain of the  Shonan Maru II ram into the Ady Gil? Form your own opinion.  The Japanese fleet has no honor, no respect or value for anything out of their Japanese world.  The fact that this ship no matter the differences we have between us, you have to put them aside and it is an unwritten mariner’s law that we must try to rescue your fellow seaman when a distress call comes over the radio or when you see a ship in distress.

It was very emotional for me to view that clip of Pete looking at his boat.  I cried when I saw that he had to make the decision to scuttle and let the boat go. That was heartbreaking for me.

I put myself in his place. I too was the owner of a sailboat, not as fast, or with the beautiful lines and the value or should I say replacement value as his boat? My sailboat was priceless to me. I remembered all the enjoyment and having my daughter on board many times.

Then I  watched the next episode where Pete Bethune surprises the Japanese and boarded the Japanese ship  I was cheering him on, he needed to do this for his own personal growth. To avenge the sinking of the Ady Gil. That’s was that season’s finale of Whale Wars.

For many months I wondered what had happened to this man. Ms. Bethune is shocked by arrest.  How after six months and a mock trial Captain Bethune was facing up to fifteen years in prison. He was sentenced to two years and he will be deported back to New Zealand on July 9th with his sentence suspended.  I wrote on Capt. Watson’s wall and stated that I admire Pete’s courage and that I wished my words, would have some kind of power that would bring back the beloved Ady Gil. But more so, I wanted my words to bring back to him the 6 months he spent away from his family in a Japanese jail and that his life would somewhat go back to normalcy, whatever that “Normalcy” was for him. Pete Bethune gets to go home.

I would love to be able to volunteer and be on the Steve Irwin or the Bob Barker, but I leave that to the younger generation those that want to make a change in the world. That want to stop the slaughter of sentient creatures that just want to swim in the ocean and be left alone to live quietly with their families and multiply.

I now fight to Save the Blood Dolphins of Taiji, that are hunted and slaughtered on a yearly basis from September to March.  I just met Pete Bethune and some real amazing people that also want to make a change in the world. We all come from different backgrounds and are of different ages but we have a common thread, the love for the Ocean, her creatures and we want to save them for our future generations of the World.

Everything is possible if you believe. Believe in yourself that whatever you decide to do, the possibility of you achieving your goals are within your reach. If your truly believe with a pure heart that this is what you truly want then the world will show you the path  that will open for your eyes to see the possibilities of achievements. I know its possible!

“Reminding myself today that nothing is beyond reach… nothing is impossible.~Cheryl McCormick”

Pete Bethune one of my heroes!



  1. I am with you on meeting a hero!! He ain’t bad on the eyes either! lol
    I think I might have even taken that pic for you 🙂
    Great to meet you that wonderful weekend. Hopefully we will all get together again soon! activists unite 🙂

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