Posted by: Dolphinelle~Barbara Napoles | December 26, 2010

The Dolphins get a Holiday

This being Dec. 26th in Japan (Christmas Day in the USA) its another holiday called Boxing Day in that part of the world. The Fisherman take a holiday and so the dolphins. They are not chased or hunted today. We sit here in front of our monitors waiting for word from Taiji to see when the next hunt will be. We hope in our hearts that this stops here and now.  But the almighty Yen or Dollar drives the Fisheries. We know that these Holidays are only buying the Dolphins some time. I got a message from another activist about a nice poem that was nicely written and so I share this with you. Thank you Cheryl.

“Shout Out For the Dolphins of Taiji”

Cries of Anguish and Death
Reverberate across the Seas
Originating from Taiji
Taking Me Down to My Knees

Dolphins of the Oceans
What have they done?
They are Taking Your Lives
In the Land of the Rising Sun

From Your Ocean Home to their Cove
In a Death Run For the Kill
Relentlessly Driving Your Pods
For Your Blood they Will Spill

Oh Dolphins of Taiji
My God what they Have Done?
They Stab you in Numbers
And No Mercy is Shown.

Families, Unborn Babies,
It Means Not for Them.
The Power of Green Money
A Driving Force from Within.

Your Blood they Do Spill
In the Cove of Taiji
And A Few Spared in Each Run
Are Sent Away for a Fee

To Swim in Concrete Pools
Entertaining the Masses
While their Friends are Cut Up
And Served in School Classes

Fed to the Children
Toxic Mercury from the Kill
Identified only As Meat
To the World from the Spill

Hearing Your Cries Our Sweet Friends
We Tell the World of their Shame
May the Fishermen of Taiji
Find no Pleasure in Their Pain.
The World Does Take Notice
Cove Slaughters Must be Halted
Let the Dolphins Swim Free
And their Defenders be Exalted.

Copyright Cheryl E Gordon 12/25/10

These words are exactly what I feel every time there is a hunt and another kill,  I cry for the dolphins and for us all. If the Oceans die so will the world.

For the Dolphins, For the Whales, For the World!




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