Posted by: Dolphinelle~Barbara Napoles | December 24, 2010

A little bit about me

I finally decided to get a blog. Have to keep up with the times, they are a changing.

My life story should be told.

I want to leave a story to be told my grand-children & nieces,  leave a little legacy…
~ Grandma/Aunt was a flower child and an animal activist! She was a little wacky at times, she was really funny, she loved us very much. She taught us to love and respect the Oceans.~

I really have a very interesting story to tell.~ No mother should have to bury their child. I lost my daughter to Cancer a very rare children’s cancer: Rhabdomyosarcoma, in the year 2000.  I had to learn to spell that long medical name. I must have wore out the keyboard letters on my computer. Trying to find information to help my daughter.  She lost her battle to Cancer at the age of 26. 9 months after her diagnosis – Stage 4.

Her memory inspires me to do, try to do, great things. I know she would be so proud of me. I know she is, she watches me from Heaven and guides me in my dreams. That’s where we said we would meet, in my dreams.

I have always been an animal lover. When I was born I had a small parrotlet that would sneak in to my crib, would pull on the mosquito netting and slept in the crook of my neck. When my time for lunch would come it would eat from my spoon. It was very protective of me and my mother tells me how she always had to sometimes try to shoo it away with a cloth diaper. It attacked her all the time!

They say that you don’t remember things and events when you were a toddler, I do I remember all the animals. I give Thanks to my father, Rest in Peace Dad! Your love for the animals was passed on to me. I will never forget all that you taught me, including how to tie a knot on fishing line and bait my own hook.

As far as I can remember I have always had an animal by my side.  Birds, Dogs, Fish, Cats, Ferrets, Turtles.

I also love the Ocean. I have also lived on the Ocean. I lived aboard our sailboat. “the S/V Barbarella” She was a Charlie Morgan, 38ft. racing sloop. I have great memories from that boat and many more from other previous sailboats too. The Ocean calls to me. My daughters ashes are in the Ocean.

So the more I go to the Ocean and tell her that I am well.  I will be fine.
It was our planned way to always feel that we are still together. So when I’m out on the Ocean, its so wonderful for me, I visit with my daughter and my life once again seems complete and renewed.

I was born on an Island surrounded by the Ocean and my baptismal was in a Fort, La  Cabaña. A Spaniard fort in the Island of Cuba. The bay was choppy on the way the Baptismal, my mother tells me that she held me tight in fear of loosing me to the Sea. What were my parents thinking? So yes, I was born you can say …on & with the Ocean!

Mother Ocean has always been a part in my life. I have a huge respect for the Ocean and the creatures that live within it.

Being a Capricorn, my sign is of the Goat with a fish tail.

I did a Wild Dolphin Rescue in 2005. I heard on TV News of the dolphins beaching themselves and stranding and my friends donated money so that I  could buy my own suit. I bought one with shoes and all. Off I went into my wild dolphin rescue adventure. With camera in tow. I also love photography and videography.This part of my life needs to be told with all the details it deserves so I will put a chapter all about this.

I looked into the eyes of a wild baby Dolphin in the ICU pool. It seemed  so sad that its parents were gone or unknown and yet it trusted all of us, the volunteers and since then I promised myself that I would try to do whatever I could to help on dolphin stranding.

One night in August 2010,  I was watching Animal Planet. I love all type of educational, documentaries. I was already a Whale Wars fan  I heard that the Movie “The Cove” was going to on. THE COVE? An Oscar winning movie I had heard so much about. I wanted the movie to come out on DVD, I hate going to a movie and paying all kinds of money to see a movie when in 6 months time I can rent it for a dollar! (I’m very thrifty) So,  I programmed it into my DVR just so that I could not miss it for sure. I watched the first 20 minutes or so of it. I was appalled, speechless, crying. That these wonderful majestic creatures that I tried to rescue were being killed by the thousands.

I ran to the computer and being on Facebook, I don’t remember if it was through  Facebook or Google that I came upon a page. The Save the Blood Dolphins page! I started my Dolphin activism. I pleaded with all my friends to please come and join me in this great cause. I lost some friends and wonder if how many really think Im Nuts! I don’t really care, I have always marched to the sound of my own horn. My friends though not that many are long time friends, some of over 30 years. So they know who I really am. Those that are no longer with me it was their loss, they lost a genuinely loving loyal friend.

And so I become an animal Activist…For the Dolphins.

I now am the sole administrator of the page for the time being. The owner or the founder loves what I’m doing, the directions I am taking it. She is busy trying to get an education to give her family a better life. She pops in once in a while and makes posts that leave me wondering….When did I post this? Then I realized she came by and left her mark. She knows I’m truly eternally grateful for providing me this opportunity to give a voice and help those that do not have one.

If these wonderful Mammals become extinct from our Oceans, the Oceans will be silent and it too will die. Dolphin and Whales balance the ecosystem in the Oceans. With out our Oceans, the waters will become putrid and Earth as we know it will Die.

These will be some of my first Chapters. Come and join me I hope you find my story, interesting, heartwarming, moving, funny and a little crazy at times!

For the Dolphins, For the Whales, For the World.



  1. I understand what you are saying too, Barbara. We speak from the heart. Let the world hear the truth of what is happening and surely, these atrocities of the Dolphins and the Whales will be halted Dead in Their (the Killers and Slavers) Tracks! Thank You for being a Champion of the Seas! Cheryl/ aka Muffyjo on the Web

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