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On the Road to Taiji -65 days left

65 days and counting!

65 days and counting!

June 27, 2015 ~ 65 days left to Taiji.

About ten years ago in 2005, there was a stranding in the Florida Keys of 80 rough-toothed dolphins years after my daughter’s passing. There was something in me that day when I heard the news that called out to me and made want to get back our into this world. After the loss of my young daughter depression was my friend and we lived in a dark abyss.

There was a young dolphin fighting to live, and that one dolphin, a young juvenile that had a great spirit and won my admiration for her. Her wild spirit showed me that I should try to rejoin the human race again.  I started on a new journey not only for self-preservation but preservation of our world resources and of her marine animal kingdom. You see I lived aboard a sailboat and loved sailing the Bahamas and had had a many wild dolphin encounters on my many voyages.


Young juvenile rough-tooth dolphin.


CNN cameras recording training on how to handle a stranded dolphin.

The fact that our oceans are dying, choking from the plastic pollution, oil pollution and being raped by over-fishing made me want to be a voice for the voiceless and here I am 10 years later on my way to Taiji, Japan.

Recently I visited Miami, had the opportunity to  visit  great friend and mentor; Ric O’Barry at this home in South Miami off the corner of “Richard O’Barry Drive.” Amazing right? He has his own street named after him. ricObarrydrive

Ric was waiting for my arrival while playing his beautiful blond Gibson guitar in a hammock under his carport. This Gibson guitar was autographed by Slash from the super-group “King of Chaos”  Ric’s carport is home to his orchid collection hanging there as the balmy tropical breeze coming off Biscayne Bay which keeps the carport cool.

king of chaos

O’Barry donated his vintage Mercedes Benz to National Public Radio. That old white Benz, spent more time under the car canopy that on the road since Ric is always traveling to help a dolphin or to speak to some dignitary about dolphinariums or marine theme parks and the harm of keeping captive dolphins. He rides his hybrid bicycle everywhere he told me. Sometimes he gets on the Metro-Dade Train (Metro-Rail) he and his bike ride the elevator up to the train platform and that’s how he commutes long distance. He even rides it to protests at Miami Seaquarium.

O’Barry is not leaving any carbon foot prints.

So we head inside as I had brought some books that he autographed for me. He wants to make sure that I can get the funding to be in Taiji this September. We speak about Taiji, the do’s and don’ts and it was informal interview to be a Cove monitor for #DolphinProject to which I am so proud to be part of that organization’s team.

Application to be a Cove Monitor

Application to be a Cove Monitor


The books donated by Ric.

We spoke about the Taiji campaign, a wonderful book that he is about to start reading, “Beneath the Surface” by John Hargrove. Sometimes he reads two books at once. Time didn’t stand still and I had to get back to my families “Pre-Father’s Day Extravaganza” but before I left he made sure that I had several more books to fund-raise with, and he proceeded to sign them.


A must read book “To Free a Dolphin”

We walked to his office in the bamboo garden out back, and as we are walking through his house to the back I happen to see a skateboard on his colorful and eclectic dining room table. A round glass pane on top of an antique Singer sewing machine, I asked him if he was now taking up skateboarding? He responds, “That is for my daughter Mai Li, her first skateboard.”Thinking to myself; I would like to see Mai Li’s face when O’Barry hands it to her. We walked back to his office and he hands me a handful of decals from Dolphin Project.


Image courtesy of Ric O’Barry

O’Barry lives a very simple lifestyle. His quaint home is very tropical and its the last of the original Florida houses from the 1930’s when Miami was a tropical retreat and the everglades ruled most of what is now South Florida. The remnants of the old  “Stiltsville”. The quaint life of fishing villages down in Virginia Key Beach, to the great Marjorie Stoneman Douglas,   great woman activist who’s whole life was the preservation of the “River of Grass” in the Everglades. She was a great role model of mine and a great friend of Ric O’Barry.

This visit takes me back to Miami in the 1960’s, it also reminds me of a little beach house I lived in most of my summers when I was young girl and still living in Cuba.

Beautiful wood work

Beautiful wood work.

So we head back out to the carport as I asked him to let me capture an image of him and a video strumming a few chords on his guitar. He is quite good! Heck, I can’t play a guitar but I admire anyone that does so.

It was nice to see a friend relaxing for a bit as I knew the minute I left he would be working and getting ready to go home to his family in Denmark. So we say our goodbyes and wished each other safe travels.

O’Barry was going home once again to be with his young daughter and his lovely Danish bride.

The three of them will travel from Copenhagen to Antibes, France where O’Barry will lead a huge protest at MarineLand with John Hargrove. MarineLand is considered the SeaWorld of Europe. They hold more killer whales than anyone else in Europe.

Ric is always so gracious.

He is the real deal.

See you in Taiji, Ric.

GodSpeed my friend~

Thanks for your friendship

Get up and keep going never give up.
Courtesy of Takayo Yamaguchi

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On the Road to Taiji

77 days and counting

77 days and counting!

June 15, 2015 –  77 days and counting!

Sitting here thinking about the next step I will be taking in this adventure called life as an advocate for dolphins. Visiting Japan and Hawaii has always been a dream of mine (even as a child) and most definitely its been on my bucket list of places to visit.

I will be visiting both as there is a scheduled lay-over in Hawaii.

Some friends and my sister visited Japan and have fallen in love with the people, the culture, Mt. Fuji and Toto Toilets!

Yes you read that right TOTO TOILETS!!  There are western toilets and Japanese Squat toilets.


Did you know there is a certain bathroom etiquette for taking baths that is observed in Japanese homes?

“In Japan the main purpose of taking a bath, besides cleaning your body, is relaxation at the end of the day. The typical Japanese bathroom consists of two rooms, an entrance room where you undress and which is equipped with a sink, and the actual bathroom which is equipped with a shower and a deep bath tub. The toilet is almost always located in an entirely separate room.”

There are also bathroom slippers when using or prior to entering the bathroom suite. You must use these slippers while in the bathroom and then when you exit the bathroom you leave the slippers at the door.

toiletslippersNow you are all informed as I am about toilet etiquette in Japan!

This is one of my all time favorite Japanese songs interpreted by a wonderful cellist Yo Yo Ma, also Japanese. I love cherry blossom time “Sakura” and I cant wait to see the blossoms although I think that this may not be the time for them.

I can’t believe that in a few days, yes a few days, because time flies when you are having fun this great adventure is about to begin and I will be taking all of my great friends spirits with me in my heart that have made this possible for me.

Planning something.. Keep your eyes on the blog.

Now I’m here contemplating what clothes to take, shoes, etc. I have to constantly remind myself to breath because I can’t believe this is happening to me! But first I have to finish the Cove Monitor application.

Its going to be a very long wonderful exciting  trip.I believe that understanding the culture and the people of Japan is essential to making my trip.  Communication and education is the answer.

To all my friends and followers you will be with me every step of the way as we make this journey as a voice for dolphins.

Let’s get this adventure started already!

Follow me…”On the Road to Taiji”

For the Dolphins,

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90DAYS2TAIJI                                                                             90 Days and counting!

1797411_3863445641538_1291394181_n(1)This poster reminds me daily that I must do something and be the voice for the voiceless. If it was not for my great friends,  my unsung heroes, that are helping to make this possible with their small donations or by purchasing a dolphin bracelet. 

Don’t think that I would be here writing this journal of my travel to Taiji.

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The Year 2014 – Rewind


Here we are again, saying good- bye to 2014, a year filled with great accomplishments. Our great team of administrators has once again grown and in 2015 we are hoping for another great year with our new team for 2015. This year we are very proud to say that we have a new administrator, a Japanese activist; Takayo Yamaguchi.

admin team of STBd a

Takayo Yamaguchi brings us great energy and willingness to help to bring the change needed in Japan. We look forward to a great year with our new team in place.

Let’s start to rewind and highlight some of our accomplishments:

January 2014

This year we opted for a global Tweet storm on Twitter &  Facebook  event of our yearly “Positive Change for Taiji” on Friday, January 10th at 8pm.


1544316_639985509395665_1155701303_n(1)572 Stormers tweeted from 34 countries, approximately 14,260 tweets in 24 hours. One thing for sure is that we are consistent! Our invitation went out to 5.2K people.

February 2014

In February 6, 2014,  we joined forces with Miami Against Dolphin Slaughter in a protest in front of the Consulate of Japan.

Lighting up the World

March 2014


WAZA became the favorite word of the month. JAZA became the word of the month. Two words very  symbiotically that live synonymous of each other. This event finally was coming to fruition at the end of this month. Our wonderful administrator Mila DeMier corresponded from Gland.

Mila Demier reporting from the WAZA event.

Mila Demier reporting from the WAZA event. (Photo by Coco Meyer)

Finally, on March 28, 2013 our great event in Gland, Switzerland occurred. Read all about it here:

Contrary to believe, Facebook did some major event changes and two weeks after the event, the event module disappeared, thankfully there were blogs written and many images of this great event.  Great moments in activism history are still engraved in the bowels of Google.

May 2014

#Emptythetanks protest at SeaWorld, Orlando, Florida

say no to the show

Dolphins should not be made to perform. These pictures tell a story. Abused and dressed up. There is no such thing in the wild.

me and marissa

Then May came around and we embarked on another great Tweet-storm:


July 2014

Dolphin Talk Radio was founded July 7, 2014.  Check our page for up coming shows on Wednesdays, Starting January 2015.

Click on the image for Dolphin Talk Radio

Click on the image for Dolphin Talk Radio


Yet another wonderful storm. Our petition to the Mirage continues to gather signatures. Keep signing if you have not: We will continue to reopen this petition and keep the pressure up. We want shading for the dolphins! End of story!

Thunderclap for Mojave Dolphins

Thunderclap for Mojave Dolphins

August 2014

August 29th JDD2014 in Miami, and awesome event.

September 2014

Mila DeMier  and I bringing awareness to the masses.

The southernmost protest for Dolphins on Sept. 1, 2014. JDD2014

 December 2014

On December 14th Miami Against Dolphin Slaughter and Save the Blood Dolphins wanted to put some rumors at rest. Lolita’s Concrete Prison was getting a face lift. The floor of the first front row of seating are subjected to salt & chlorinated water when Lolita is made to spray the audience with her flukes.

Save the Blood Dolphins at the MSQ protest in December.

Save the Blood Dolphins at the MSQ protest in December.

And there you have more or less what our year has been like. We look forward to a better year of bringing awareness. We set the bar higher each year.

Thank you for your continued support through the last 5 years.  We will continue to fight for cetacean freedom!  The best is yet to come!

Bring it!

Bring it!

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You will never know

No one knows who I really am.
You may think you do.
You really don’t.
A mother, grandmother
an aunt and a lover.

I’m a blogger, a curator of stories
Of images which I love to hoard
and quotes are my passion.

A poet of poems.
Fighter for the weak, the meek
a voice for the voiceless.
Finding justice for the wronged.

You think you know me
but you don’t.

You only know what I want you to know
My innermost thoughts,
will never be divulged.

My innermost fears,
you will never hear
for these truth you’ll use against me.

My knowledge is my years
that I have lived here,
on this plain we call Earth.

Of the tears shed
for the loves lost.
You think you know me?

Ha! You really have no clue.
A sharp tongue I carry
as my weapon of choice.

You think you know me?
You will never know.
© Dolphinelle 2014

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Surgeon General Warning!

Surgeon Generals WarningThe Surgeon General should put a warning sign on Facebook. WARNING! FACEBOOK MAY BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR LIFE!
1. Relations: Facebook can hurt, mend or break relationships. Lips sinks ships.
2. Blood pressure: Your blood pressure may skyrocket due to morons posting like idiots.
3. Drama: Being removed as a “friend” should be taken as a blessing, there will be no more drama. Even if its family.
4. Bonds will be made… they may be stronger than blood ties.

5. Filters: there are filters for everything and every possibility in Facebook.  Use them and make your own category: friends that you want close, acquaintances that you may keep close or farther than arms length. Of course, the HATERS! Keep those closer. Refer to #2. Use the filters and avoid getting games requests. Here is a cover image for you to use:


6. Security: Posting pictures of your whole house on FACEBOOK! Really? Come on now? Invite your friends over, show them your new color of wall paint in person and share a glass of vino. (If you want something kept on the down low, don’t post it on Facebook! )

Life is serious and so very short, have fun on FACEBOOK its up to you to make it your own happy place.


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Fourteen years since you’ve been gone.

Holly with phone

There should be a phone in  heaven  so that we could talk. I’d be happy with once every 5 years. To tell you how much I love you and that I am hanging on. Its been a tough few days fighting my way out of the depths of sadness.

You would think that it would get easier, try to convince myself it does, otherwise how could anyone survive this world you left behind?

You will be eternally young, there will be no newer pictures of you to share with anyone, just these that I have. No Bridal pictures, grandchildren or first moments that you in your young lifetime were still to make.

Never to hear your voice again calling me, Mom. No more holidays, birthdays, major life events, disagreements or arguments. Just the memory of your beauty, your spunk and strength.

Another year gone by… without you once again.





English translation:
But I Miss You

I miss you,
Like one misses
the starless nights
Like one misses a beautiful morning
Not to be with you, dear God,
how it does me harm.

I miss you.
When I walk, when I cry, when I laugh
When the sun shines,
and when it’s cold outside
All because I feel that
you are something all my own

I miss you.
Like the trees miss autumn
Those are the nights
that I can’t find sleep
My love you cannot imagine,
How much I miss you.

I miss you
In every lonely step I take
Everyday that
I am alive
I’m dying my love
Because I miss you

I miss you
When the aurora
commences to give off its colors
In your virtues and with your flaws
For whatever reason my love,
I don’t know,
But I miss you.

I miss you.
Like the trees miss autumn
Those are the nights
that I can’t find sleep
My love you cannot imagine,
How much I miss you.

I miss you
In every lonely step I take
Everyday that
I am alive
I’m dying my love
Because I miss you

I miss you
When the aurora
commences to give off its colors
In your virtues and with your flaws
For whatever reason my love,
I don’t know,
But I miss you.

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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Bindi does SeaWorld~

Bindi Irwin New SeaWorld AmbassadorThe news that Bindi Irwin, daughter of Australian conservationist and zoo operator in Australia has become SeaWorld’s Youth Ambassador should not come as a surprise.

SeaWorld continues to struggles after the controversial documentary Blackfish (this link has Spanish subtitles) came out on TV via CNN and is now also available in Netflix.

Stock Market prices NASDAQ SEAS (SeaWorld’s) stocks, their value dropping  at an alarming rate after  the release of Blackfish, they were in desperate need for new spokesperson, to bring the young children back to SeaWorld but none other than Bindi Irwin.

Jack Hanna was really boring, old and scary and not as young as a matter of fact Bindi Irwin, she is 15 years old, and will 16 in July. She has that  Hannah Montana look. Kids will start to drink the captivity “kool-aid” under the guise of conservation which by the way its the new way that the captive industry spins their efforts.

Oh, and we know how things are  going with Miley Cyrus as she continues to spin herself by twerking now that she is in her 20’s.

Its no surprise, as this little girl has always been in the lime-light. At the age of 8 Bindi Irwin even had her own toy line and a doll with her exact likeness. A TV show named  “Bindi Irwin – The Jungle Girl”.  

Continuing the legacy of her father  Steve Irwin also known as   “The Crocodile Hunter”  her mother, Terry Irwin has signed, sealed and delivered her off and  partnered up with SeaWorld’s ” Generation Nation’ .- A Seaworld kid’s program.

He fought back stating that people think that what he did dangling with little Robert. WE all remember this publicity stunt.

Hello.. Earth to Steve, you are no longer with us for doing crazy stunts like this!!

Last year it was reported that Bindi, Bob and Terry Irwin were seen at the Mirage’s Secret Garden wherein they keep captive dolphins.

Bindi Irwin and family at the Secret Garden’s Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage .

Seven years ago we learned of Steve Irwin’s passing. He was filming for his upcoming new show. We seem to have found what appears to be “the” video clip from that eventful day. You can watch it here. Soon after his death thousands of clips and hoaxes were posted in social media. This one may also be one of those?

Here is Terry Irwin first interview after his death:

Its also unfortunate that  Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has a ship named after him the Steve Irwin. Owner of the Australia Zoo. On December 5, 2007 Terry Irwin granted  Sea Shepherd the permission to use his name. On this auspicious day she said:

“Whales have always been in Steve’s heart and in 2006 he was investigating the possibility of joining the Sea Shepherd on part of its journey to defend these beautiful animals,” Terri said.

(This writer wonders how much money did the Irwin’s received?  Bindi® was doing just great on her own.)

The Bindi Family is getting slammed by everyone even PETA has made a statement. This is SeaWorld’s way to create outrage and send all into a head-spin. SeaWorld’s publicity machine is just winding up folks. Calm down and don’t spin this.

Seaworld’s publicity machine is winding up just as legislation to stop using orcas for display comes into play. Only the future can tell what this means for Bindi.

Tomorrow, March 7, 2014 at 12pm (PST) Big Legislative announcement, captivity related. Legislation to outlaw killer whales in entertainment!

Sta monica pier  This is like playing a great game of chess. Your turn SeaWorld… CHECK!

#Blackfish – This may your last stand… CHECKMATE Please make sure you go and vote in this important poll!

Update: March 7th, 2014, Capt. Paul Watson has issued his own press release and you can read it here.

Commentary by her grandfather Bob Irwin can be read here.

Please send a big thank you and support Assemblyman Richard Bloom and his constituents. Send your “Thank You’s” here.

Copy of the proposed Legislation can be read here.

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Activist Lesson #101- How to spot a “captive” dolphin image

You can hate me for speaking up for dolphins but I will not stand by and allow anyone to promote an image of a child kissing a dolphin.

Then I realized well what if that person did not know how to spot the difference between a captive and a wild dolphin?


That image above is a trained, captive dolphin. NO WILD DOLPHIN COMES AND KISSES YOUR LIPS in the shallows. This is a swim with captive dolphins program. I think I have an idea which captive facility this was at but this is not about the exact location where it was taken but by the portrayal of the image.

By your sharing captive images, you are putting the idea in the public’s head that this is a natural thing and its also a subliminal message that its OK to visit marine parks.  The vicious circle continues.  By not sharing captive image you are not only stopping the killings in Taiji but also stopping the demand and importation of dolphins to foreign countries. This is why more swim with programs and Dolphinariums are popping up in the Caribbean. Cruise ship sell these packages to unsuspecting tourist. They purchase and do it because they saw it being promoted in Facebook and it was a great thing to do.


Captive dolphins 

Take a little time and do your research and look for the origin of the picture. There are many photographers selling their images, some will even allow you to share it if you just keep the copyright on the image.

Case in point. Do the research. You can now research images using “Google Search Images. Take the image and loaded to Google. You will find the origin with the original copyright. Then Google that person’s name and continue until you know for sure that is not a captive dolphin. Research, Research Research!

The captive dolphins image above was taken by Augusto Leandro Stanzani .
When you then Google his name you will find all the captive dolphin images. Familiarize yourself with always checking the origin. This photographer all took images of a dolphin giving birth in Oltremare another captive facility.

Captive dolphins suffer in marine theme parks or dolphinariums. We know that they are plucked from their natural environment to be placed in a concrete pool to perform for the masses day after day. Once the show is over you, the audience, gets to go home to your family. These poor sentient creatures cannot and will stay there in semi-salted, chlorinated pools to live out their days.

Same goes for swim with dolphins programs. Yes, they get to live and swim in the sea pen. They too look through the cage netting and see and hear what we cannot hear. Maybe a wild pod of dolphins comes by or near by, and the captive cannot leave to be with them.

When the tourists arrive at their sea pens, they are forced to pulled them around the pool while the paying customer hang on to their dorsal fin. Ever see a captive dolphin in a swim with program dorsal fin?

 This is call a "dorsal fin pull around the dolphin habitat".

This is call a “dorsal fin pull around the dolphin habitat”.

This is call a “dorsal fin pull around the dolphin habitat”. The dorsal fin, located on the top (dorsal side) of the animal, is filled with a fibrous connective tissue. It serves to keep the animal upright (similar to a ship’s keel) and prevents “roll”. Also it has a thermo-regulation (body temperature adjustment) function. As the dolphin is warm-blooded it must maintain a body temperature of 97-99 degrees F. Should the animal become overheated, the dorsal fin serves to release excess body heat to the environment.

Can you see the curvature on the dorsal fin? Imagine all the people they pull along 3-4 shows a day. Its not only children but adults of all different sizes.

That is also a tell-tale sign of a dolphin in captivity.  Stay tune for next lesson.

Open your minds, be a responsible activist, be aware of what you are sharing and trying to teach the public. STOP PROMOTING CAPTIVITY!

Stay tune for next lesson. ~Dolphinelle

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A satirical look at self-promotion


Lolita protest in November for SBS “Dateline” Australia

Lately I have been accused of “self-promoting.  Well, I’ve taken pen to paper and decided to find out what really is self-promotion by using Google and doing some research  and  some from my own experiences.

Usually I don’t like to brag about my accomplishments. Yes there are videos of what I have done. So I do it to leave a mark in this world and why not? A legacy for my grandchildren. And show the masses that it is real easy to make a difference in the world. To speak up for the voiceless animals, for those that are maimed, hunted and/or abused. If this is self-promotion.- so be it!

I really think there are better things to do, go for a long walk on a beach, having a picnic and listening to the waves as they crash on the shore while I sip on some tropical fruity drink. Things were much simpler when I lived on my sailboat but now I am on land.

At my age I should be enjoying the outdoors without a care of world, hanging out with my grandkids though they live far away. Going window shopping (is there still such a thing?) and just enjoying life. Gardening and having tea with my friends.

But how can I? When I know there are animals suffering around the world, our oceans are being destroyed someone needs to speak up. I have become active within the world then I am an activist.

Which to others it means, I am choosing… Self-promotion!

A day in the life of an activist

My day begins with trying to get to the computer as soon as I possibly can After I have had a shot of Cuban coffee to wake this brain up and immediately put up the weather for the coast of Taiji, Japan.  This very important piece of information will let everyone know whether the banger boats will go hunting that day.

Then, search the World Wide Web for dolphin news. Most of the news is about abuse and dead dolphins washing up on the shoreline of faraway lands. You hope to find some good news to report back but all you see is sadness, death and carnage.

Once this is done, it’s time to go back into my “real” world and try to accomplish household chores, cleaning, paying bills and cooking. Oh and let’s not forget laundry, Banking, bathing our dogs, the bird and grocery shopping because Activists need toilet paper too.  Sometimes you need to also put gas in the car too. You have a lead time of 4 hours to get all of this done.

By then it’s time to come back on the computer and wait on word from the activists in Taiji, the boots on the ground, that will sound the alarm via tweets and posts on Facebook that the banger boats will be going out to hunt.

From September to March they usually go out on a daily basis weather permitting. On bad weather days we rejoice and get to do other self-promoting tasks as putting a demonstration event together in different cities in South Florida. More on this a bit later..

While we wait for the banger boats to go out, we, my team, yes I have a team of 6 people that help in my so called “self-promotion”quest.  Self-promotion requires a team.

We search for images ready for a blue cove or a red cove. We also work on tweets for upcoming tweet storms and other things that we are planning to bring awareness of the plight of the dolphins, not only in Taiji but also around the world. We throw in a dash of maybe doing a tweet storm about culling sharks, giraffes being killing in Denmark, culling of pilot whales in the Faeroe Island. Meanwhile we are glued to the computer screen, multi-tasking, heaven forbid we miss a tweet. Once word comes in that the hunters have brought a dolphin pod to the shallows of the cove, we stay up to the wee hours of the morning reporting in a blow by blow commentary with screen-prints from live streams being sent out by our boots on the ground.


Self-promotion is really very hard work. We may catch a few hours of sleep and then we will start doing this all over again the next day. But, you have all the added “to do” things you didn’t accomplish the day before. We live this way for approximately 6 months out of the year!

Attending  and initializing events:


The art of making an event is real easy on Facebook just go to events and create one. Now the hard part is getting people to attend and to support your cause. Shameless self-promoting of you at demonstrations takes years of knowledge of self-promoting. I will not write and divulge any of my secrets to having a great protest because then I would give those that accuse me of self-promotion a heads up on self-promotion. But I will give you one clue, you have to be on line every day and work very hard on a cause you believe in and luck lots of luck.

You also need an entourage! Working on getting one myself!

Attending events is another way of self-promotion, if you want to be known you have to be present at demonstrations. Being a “keyboard” activist just doesn’t cut it. Your public needs to see you in the trenches getting mud on your boots.  You need to be viewed out there holding signs and speaking up about the cause you believe in.

It also helps to also add a bit of human rights cause, passerby will tell you what about the starving children if you are in a demo that is about animals. They will also tell you to get a job. Even if you are retired!

Now you also have to be very careful of counter attacks. Depending on which cause you are standing up for. Human rights and Occupy movements may get you arrested. This is one cause that I rather be a keyboard activist, I do not like being arrested nor do I have the money for bail. Pick your battles wisely, it’s best to stay on the right side of the law at all times.

Animals rights also has it down side, you can get arrested and be charged with the new federal law of Animal Enterprise Terrorist Act also known as AETA. Don’t go chaining yourself up on any gate or trespassing on private property.

Making Posters and not being a poser


Always make sure your posters are either in Black background or White. Use Black letter with white poster board and White letters with black poster board. Use short phrases. Make it to the point and concise. Don’t try writing the Bill of Rights in one small poster board. The more signs the better! (Do it your way its your self-promotion.)

Don’t be a poser holding your sign either. Stand up right, feet slightly apart and hold that sign between both arms high over the head. Make eye contact with people, that way you know they have seen what you have to say. Refer below to megaphone. Deep voices are needed when responding back to chants.


Japanese Consulate – Miami – August 2013

Please don’t just hold the sign while making different poses or making duck lip faces to those that are taking your picture. Now that is being a poser.

 Use a megaphone


Speaking up for orcas!


Speaking up for dolphins.

Projecting your voice and having chants prepared for your event is essential. Make sure you gather your co-demonstrators for a little pow-wow and let them know prior to your chanting, how the chanting goes and when you say something (in a chant), what is their response. For Pete’s sake (do you know Pete?) use a megaphone. Making chants with screeches just turns people away.  Unless you know how to really project your voice or shout, screaming in high pitch voice will scare people away. USE A MEGAPHONE! Oh yeah I forgot a perk of attending events in South Florida you get a free tan or heat stroke. Keep yourself hydrated.

To Permit or Not Permit

This is the question.. Just get a permit to hold a demonstration. Go to your local police dept. get a permit to hold a demonstrations and also ask to be allowed to use a megaphone. If you don’t want to use a megaphone and make it a silent protest, then do so. Make it a peaceful one.

If you follow the rules most likely you will be treated with courtesy when the cops come out because you have made some noise with the megaphone. (wink)

Social media, burnt food and FOMO

ImageIf you are Facebook addict you know how hard it is to get away from the computer or from your cell phone. Social media contains everything you can possibly think of. From your friends photos on what they did on their last vacation, cruise or wedding. Foreign governments uprisings, riots, tsunamis and politics. New additions to their family maybe it be a bird, rat, fish, mouse, cat or dog and last but not least a new baby.

Word to the wise, don’t be on social media texting and reading while you are preparing your families dinner. Fear of missing out is a horrible disease and there is no cure for it or rehab hospitals (yet). Setting your kitchen on fire will not win you points when you share the pictures of the incident on Facebook. This is a big example of self-promotion.


Speaking of texting, do the world a favor; Don’t text and drive and don’t check for updates while in traffic. Time does go by fast and people stuck behind you will be very pissed off due to your checking your phone and holding up traffic. Nothing is more important  But being alive is.  Selfies or rainbow pictures while you are in your car are great  but do it when you are not driving. Again sharing that you had  an accident is shameless self-promotion. We all know it was probably your fault for texting!

Once last thing, your friends do not really want to see your surgery scars or broken bones sticking out of your flesh. Facelifts or tummy tucks. Again this is one type of Self-promotion that may not get many likes on Facebook. New Tattoos images really rock! Specially dolphins and orcas, they get two thumbs up from me.


No its not my back!

Branding vs. self promotion

Remember that anything you share on the internet and on social media is there forever in the Google search engines. If you don’t want it public forever don’t share it. Once it is posted it can never be removed.

Try to keep your own problems, dysfunctions in check. Self-promotion of a dysfunction will not make your branding. Everyone does not need to know that you live in your own little world and everyone knows you there.


Branding or self-promoting your talents, but just don’t try to be a know it all or that you have done it all.

You are not the only one in the world attempting to do some good. Keep your arguments or discussion respectful if you can, let the “know it all” call you an idiot first. Take a screen print. These are valuable tools for your defense and proving the reputation of the offender. It helps if you know how to manipulate images or have knowledge of some kind of photoshop program and knowing video editing. Be a one person do it all. Why not? You need these tools for self-promotion!

Your branding is built on reputation, social skills, integrity-but most of all your credibility which is the hardest thing to build and that many will find time to try to destroy. Refer back to the beginning, why I have video of everything I do.

Check out my Youtube channels:

Save the Blood Dolphins:


Be confident.  Stand up for something you believe in. Have a platform for your campaign. Use strong, descriptive language when explaining your ideas and plan of action. Build a tight and loyal social community that believes in you, then inspire and empower them to take action.


It’s not all about self-promotion or branding.

My final words to you my reader is, if you have a message tell it to the world. Say it loud and say it proud and if you get accused of self-promotion respond with this answer. What have you done for the world lately? Or better yet, Maybe You need me to do some self-promotion for you?


Remember F. Scott Fitzgerald’s pithy line: “You don’t write because you want to say something, you write because you have something to say.” And I do have a lot to say!

Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn. Have self-confidence and toot it!


Go ahead and toot your own horn~

 Because Self -promotion is really hard work!

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